The Twelve Days of Christmas! ….Starting off a little late.

The first of twelve new releases, a new Cardcaptor Sakura doujinshi!

For the rest of December all the way up until Christmas, Turtle Paradise is taking on a new project of sorts! For twelve days straight, we’ll be releasing a doujinshi a day from our collection. Sound off in the comments below on which books you’d like to see first!

Speaking of which, our first release is kind of a classic from Cardcaptor Sakura, called “Love the Island.” Published in 1998 by the circle Shoujokan, it takes place before Sakura and Syaoran were ever made canon in either the anime or manga. THAT’S how old this book is – but because of that, it’s really refreshing to see a different take on their relationship! There are two different versions of this book up for download, so be sure to read the summary on the download page, m’kay? M’kay!

Download Cardcaptor Sakura doujinshi “Love the Island”



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