Slayers Revolution chapter 5


The scanner… IS FIXED! And now I attempt to work through a beastly backlog. This is going to take a while, folks, so sit tight. However, I have figured out a somewhat tentative release schedule for the next while, so hit the jump after the download links to see what’s up. (And, woah! We’ve almost hit our fiftieth release! I AM SO STOKED RIGHT NOW.)

As for the Revolution series, chapter six is the end of the Revolution Arc. At that point, the manga will be taking a one-month break (which won’t really apply to you guys, since I’m running so behind ANYWAY XD) before the second arc, Evolution-R (tentative? Manga-wise, at least) starts up. I’ll have more information come next month around the 20th or so.

Download chapter 05 – The Re-Awakened Silver Beast

Please keep in mind that these dates are tentative and are subject to change without notice. Hey, I don’t trust my scanner right now!

Evangelion Datenroku chapter 13 – November 14th
DNAngel Argentine Special – November 21st
Evangelion Dateneroku chapter 14 – November 27th
Barajou no Kiss will be up whenever Melly edits it. She’s totally claimed that series. =P Chapter two is immediately going to be bumped up to first priority as soon as she’s finished, so keep that in mind.
Slayers Light Magic has not been dropped, but I have so many chapters of that on the backburner that it may make more sense to wait for the first volume to be released so I can work with some high-quality raws.

Slayers Aqua Lord and Super Explosive are currently on hiatus due to lack of interest by our viewers and I’m just completely burned out on Slayers right now. I’ll try to crank out a few more chapters of Super Explosive by the end of this month and finish off volume two of Aqua Lord, but I seriously can’t promise anything.

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I’m confused about the “lack of interest” statement as well. Didn’t the last poll you all had up prove the HUGE interest in the Slayers SEDS series? Not to mention that most other manga here can be found translated by other groups, but nobody else is translating Slayers stuff (mainly due to lack of raws). That basically makes you all the “go-to” group for all Slayers Scans. If nothing else, would you mind uploading the SEDS and other Slayers raws so that another group might be able to pick it up if you do drop it (and I know it’s… Read more »
Finally, what’s with the “most other manga here can be found translated by other groups”? We’re the only group doing all of the projects here with the exception of DNAngel. That’s just our policy, and it’s not fair for the fans of the other series to try to push us toward a Slayers dominated site rather than focusing on the projects we want to. I’m happy to say that you guys have the cleanest, nicest scanlations of D.N.Angel…also, you guys spell check, which makes me very happy… I’m curious, who else is doing D.N.Angel? I know there’s a girl called… Read more »

I just wanted to drop in and say thanks a ton for the lastest Slayers Revolution release, and for all your hard work in general.


Something weird…
Slayers revolution ch 5 is under aqua lord…
don’t know about this but isn’t there supposed to be a little picture under the large texts in releases, aqua lord and all the other links under “Tags”?

And thanks for all your hard work I would be totaly lost without you (Slayers RULES!!)


can’t edit my entry…
p.s. There aren’t that many plases you can Leave a comment… (there used to be, but not anymore >_< )

And thanks again for everything!!


Thanks for the release. I actually like Super Explosive and Aqualord a lot, but oh well. I can’t imagine there’d be a lack of interest in either series. It’s Slayers for crying out loud! At least I’ll still get some of my Slayers fix. I’m addicted to anything Slayers really. >>; Kinda sad. So I’m very grateful that you’re even spending time releasing these series.