Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story vol. 8, ch. 37!

Xelloss? XELLOSS!? Check.
Man, I spoil you guys.

New project announcement! We at TP have decided to translate SEDS volume 8 for all you poor bastards out there who got ripped off by CPM when they decided not to put out the very last volume. In any case, I hope to make some pretty good time on this series, so sit tight and enjoy the ride! If demand is great enough, we may consider going back and doing the first seven volumes after volume 8 is wrapped up. Sounds fun, right? Right.

Download vol. 8 ch.37

In the meantime, I’m dead tired. Goodnight, all, and happy downloading!

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Yaay, I’ve been waiting years for this! ;_;

Nah, you don’t have to go and retranslate all the volumes. While the translations aren’t great, they’re still readable and not out of print yet..I think.


please go back and redo the others. I’ve never seen this one, so starting at number 8 is kinda… evil >_< no wonder xellos is the picture! anyway, please go back and do this one too.


I would totally love to see you guys redo the first 7! We just can’t get enough Slayers. X3 Keep up the great work!

Rena Chan

It would be great if you could do the first 7 volumes =)

Thanks for all the Slayers manga releases so far. I had a blast reading them =)


I’m not sure what the big deal is here… Rebmastu said right up there why we chose to do volume 8, and it’s because the other volumes were released then discontinued a few years back. According to everyone else, doing 8 first is the exact opposite of evil xD

For everyone else, here’s a funny bit of trivia. The 37th chapter of Super Explosive (incidentally our most requested project) is our 37th release.

Coincidence? Conspiracy? YOU DECIDE


Awwww you guys are so generous. There probably isn’t a need to do those 7 volumes, you guys have enough to do, & I think they are still in print. They’re just hard to look for ^^;;;

By the way, i noticed that tiny smiley face right below the area I’m typing LOL

Thanks for picking this up. I was going to buy these as soon as I had enough money ^^;;;


I just want to say thanks for all the fantastic Slayers releases in the last little while. You guys are exceptional, and it’s great to see Slayers getting some love at long last.


Thanks for the chapter, this very good series. I hope to make the first volumes 7 after this.