Knight of Aqualord ch. 03

Never trust a woman...
An important person?

A bit of a longer delay than I would’ve liked for this chapter… but them’s the breaks? Ahh, well. Sorry about that!

Download chapter 3

Expect the third chapter of Revolution sometime near the end of this weekend, by the way. (Here’s hoping!)


6 thoughts on “Knight of Aqualord ch. 03

  1. Slay says:

    nice i just finish read ch1-ch2(10 min ago) than ch3 came out
    interesting story(i love it)

    thank you

    the story after 15 slayer novel i presume

  2. rebmastu says:

    Not quite. =3 Actually, Knight of Aqua Lord is meant to be taken as a substitute to Slayers TRY, based more on the novel mythos than the TV series. (Gourry’s Sword of Light isn’t present here, as it was lost just after the gang’s encounter with Phibrizzo in the NEXT equivalent of the novels.)

  3. Slay says:

    where lina Demon’s Blood tailsmen ?

    i thought Lina loses her Demon’s Blood tailsmen in the fight against the third resurrected piece of Shabranigdu

  4. rebmastu says:

    Aqualord doesn’t take place after the novels. If anything, I’d roughly say it takes place after volume 8, but in an AU-setting since it’s an independent story. (In other words, it’s stand-alone.)

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