Slightly unnecessary update?

Call this post an excuse to, well… post. Just trying to pad out the page a bit. =3

If you look over at the sidebar, you’ll see that I’ve changed a few things and added a couple of new projects that I hope to complete in the new future. The most notable of the new… five? would have to be Albada, which is in its final scanlating phase. Woohoo! I really hope to have that up by the end of the month, at the latest. Hey, I’m a one-person crew, cut me some slack. =P

Promise on the Shore (working title; I’ll probably change that) is currently in its translation phase – every now and again I’ll take time off from working on Albada to do some more mindless work. =3 Definitely a much more palatable 12 pages as opposed to Albada’s…. what, 30? Something like that. Anyway, Promise is a Tifa/Aerith centric work (loosely in the pairing sense ♥), so fans should look forward to that. ‘Eez very cute. =3

Preview pages for all these projects coming up soon!

As always, still working on this layout… Heh. Is this going to be a constant thing…!?


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