You know what this post needs? More naked models.

But I suppose a blackmailed Hiyoki will have to do.

So, apparently it’s that asshole Cain’s birthday today. This is a sad, sad coincidence. Have a picture of Hiyoki being blackmailed by him to remind us all of what a dick that guy is.

I hate Cain. /end tirade But in honor of Hiyoki’s constant suffering at his hands, have a chapter of SLH instead, edited at the hardy and stalwart hand of Shinigami, and QC’d by Melfra. Enjoy it!

Download Stray Love Hearts Room #11
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And finally, what we’ve all been waiting for! New Birdcage! HELL. YEAH. We’re really, reeeaaally sorry about how long it took to get this chapter out. =X Hopefully the next ones should be more forthcoming. Typeset by ZippyZippy (in zippy fashion!), edited by Melfra (I’M SORRY BB, I LU D=), and QC’d by Melfra. ILU GUYS SO BAD.

Download The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 8
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That’s it for this week! We may or may not be going on hiatus for next week… It’s that (dreaded) time of the year again — THE TWELVE DAYS OF DOUJINSHI.

The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 06

Little did Kizuna know, the true horrors waited inside…

I’ll keep this short because Melly says I’m breaching Tl;dr territory, SO ENJOY YOUR NEW CHAPTER OF BIRDCAGE, made possible by the typesetting prowess of Epikwonder, editing by Shinigami, and the people who make my scripts not suck, Clov3r and Melfra!

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The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 5 (end vol. 1) and Omamori no Kamisama ch. 3

Behold! The power of… Employee/Employer co-dependent relationships! IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING.

That’s right, we have two releases to throw your way today (is this going to be a habit? SOUNDS GOOD MAN) with a 50:50 awesome to suck ratio, the order of which I think you can infer from the title… and no, you don’t get bonus points for figuring out what it is, though I may award you kiss-ass brownie points if you do.

Mmmm, brownies. Warm, soft, chocolaty brow-

Oh, and by the way, apparently Birdcage has an official English title that I never even noticed until Sylph magazine released a pretty fsking sweet artbook this month. It’s “Welcome to Hotel Williams Child Bird,” which is significantly less snazzy, but it works for me. I’m still gonna call it Birdcage, though. SO HAH, TAKE THAT.

This release was made possible by Shae and Shinigami (both pulling editor duty), Epikwonder and Zippyzippy (pulling typesetter duty) and Melfra and Clover, OUR TRUSTY QCs. GIVE THEM YOUR THANKS.

Download The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 5 (end volume 1): The Wingless Bird Within the Cage (part II)
Download Omamori no Kami-sama ch. 3: Matsuri and the Omamori

AND ENJOY. (Don’t forget you can read these online, too!)

The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor vol 1 ch. 04

An emotional response from Yusei? This I GOTTA see.

Birdcage is probably one of the only series I have ever read involving nude modeling and teen prostitution that completely desexualizes its characters. IT’S SO GREAT, YOU GUYS. I just thought that the other day, and I figured I’d share. Words of wisdom from your great and powerful reader.

Anywho, this chapter is brought to you by ZippyZippy (Or Lighter Fluid) on typesetting duty, Shinigami (AKA Ken, DON’T ASK) at the editing helm, and Melfra (WHOSE BOOTS I LICK ON A REGULAR BASIS) doing QC and backend work because HOMG why is she so frickin’ amazing, I don’t even.

Download The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor chapter 4: The Wingless Bird Within the Cage (I)


Happy 2nd Anniversary, Turtle Paradise! Have some Birdcage Manor to go with that cake.

This hug is from all of us at TP. Oh man, don’t make me say that twice.

A day late for our own anniversary, but that’s totally our style, isn’t it? Anyway, thanks for sticking with us for two years, guys. HERE’S TO AT LEAST A COUPLE MORE, EH?

To celebrate our second year in operation, have a new chapter of The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor! Hands down the best shoujo title we’ve got going for us, (not saying much given the selection), though admittedly a strange move for an anniversary project, given our Slayers flagship status. Unfortunately there was a slight scheduling hiccup with our first choice, Falces, which we know you’re all dying to catch up with, that set us a little behind, but meh, it’ll be up in fairly short order. (I tentatively want to say next week.)

But enough of that, go download the newest chapter of Birdcage manor!

The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor chapter 3: Street Brave Girl (III)

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