Light Magic ch. 8 & SLH ch. 7

This image reflects my general attitude towards the “May” arc… In general. (Hohoho.)

Riding on the curtails of Tuesday, here’s a release just barely in time for Monday! And don’t ask why it’s so late, you’ll laugh at me. Srsly. (Hey, can I help it that I got derailed reading Mebius all day? I’m a glutton for punishment, so sue me.)

FIRST UP! Slayers: Light Magic reaches its penultimate chapter, and you won’t believe what you’re about to see this time around. >=3 Kudos to Tom the Mighty for using his brawn at the editing helm, Magmastorm for her typesetting prowess, and Melfra and Clover, as always, for making sure you readers get quality releases. Only one chapter left!
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And then we have the continuation of a title long in the making (OTL), SLH ch. 7. We had a couple of delays, but no worries, folks! Everything’s taken care of, and I have a feeling you’ll be able to expect chapter 8 a lot sooner than you think. >=3 Thanks to Zippy for typesetting (with special thanks to Ellzee!), Shinigami for editing, and as always, Clov3r and Melfra for… for… FOR THE MAGIC THEY WORK.
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See you next week! (This time, for sure!)

Barajou ch. 16 and SLH ch. 6… A DAY LATE!

404. They do NOT got the beat.

Ho ho ho ho. Heh.

Aw, I got nothin’.

Anyway, Melly and I got caught up with yard work for pretty much the entirety of yesterday, so neither of us were able to post the day’s releases. BUT NOW WE GOT ‘EM. This one’s for you, Shouoto fans.

FIRST UP, SLH. This is the one where literally half the team (and everyone working on it, har har) flipped their shit cheering for Hiyoki. WHY!? Read it and find out! Thanks to Shae and Shinigami for editing, Zippy for typesetting, and Melfra and Clover as always for catching all my derk-ups. (har har) AND special thanks to Dynamint at LJ for helping me understand Yamashina’s hellacious equation.
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And here’s a guest credits page by Clover, and HOGOD THAT’S THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER–KALSKDJF;LAKSJDF;

And this chapter of Barajou should tell you why the two new members of the cast and crew AREN’T members of the harem. Oh, wait. That comes next chapter. BAH, THIS IS CLOSE ENOUGH. Anyway! Thanks to Shinigami for editing (lawl, again), Baki for typesetting, HUGE props to Zippy for helping me finish up in time for the deadline (even though we didn’t make it anyway OTL), and Melly and Clover for pointing out my shortcomings. DERP DERP

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And that’s it for next week. STAY TUNED NEXT TIME FOR GORE! I hope.

SLH ch. 05, Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku ch. 20

Uh oh.

Yet another late-night-ish release from us lazy bastards. Gawrsh. Hey, at least these deadlines keep us accountable! I kinda wanted to churn out a chapter of Mebius for this week’s release, but, well…. I guess that’s gonna have to wait for next time.

First up, new chapter of Datenroku! This one is RELENTLESS. So many revelations this time around, some we could have guessed, others perhaps not so much. One thing’s for sure, the scene between Rei and Gendou in this chapter is so bitterly climactic and emotionally charged that it’s made my favorite scene of the series. Read it and you’ll see why. Props to RainStride, as always, for his editing, and Melfra at QC.
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And finally, a new chapter of SLH! And considering it’s published in a bi-monthly magazine, a month between releases is half the wait time the Japanese fans had, so remember that the next time you complain about how long it’s taking us to churn the next chapter out, ye impatient leeches. =P This chapter has been brought to you by Melfra putting Editing AND QC duty, ZippyZippy and MagmaStorm typesetting, and Clover (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLO!!!) unleashing her mad l337 proofing skillz.
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Only two chapters left of Datenroku… Wow, I’m getting goosebumps.


SLH ch.4 v2

“Oh no you di’in’t!” “Oh yes I did!

Yeeeaaaahhh, I kinda screwed up, lawl. Basically, wherever you see “$10” in this chapter of SLH, replace it with “$100,” and you should be fine. Other than that, NOT MUCH TO REPORT. Thanks to KuroNeko13 for pointing it out! And have a version 2.

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On that note, the reader will be updated with this new version later today. For now, IT’S GAMIN’ TIME.