The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 5 (end vol. 1) and Omamori no Kamisama ch. 3

Behold! The power of… Employee/Employer co-dependent relationships! IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING.

That’s right, we have two releases to throw your way today (is this going to be a habit? SOUNDS GOOD MAN) with a 50:50 awesome to suck ratio, the order of which I think you can infer from the title… and no, you don’t get bonus points for figuring out what it is, though I may award you kiss-ass brownie points if you do.

Mmmm, brownies. Warm, soft, chocolaty brow-

Oh, and by the way, apparently Birdcage has an official English title that I never even noticed until Sylph magazine released a pretty fsking sweet artbook this month. It’s “Welcome to Hotel Williams Child Bird,” which is significantly less snazzy, but it works for me. I’m still gonna call it Birdcage, though. SO HAH, TAKE THAT.

This release was made possible by Shae and Shinigami (both pulling editor duty), Epikwonder and Zippyzippy (pulling typesetter duty) and Melfra and Clover, OUR TRUSTY QCs. GIVE THEM YOUR THANKS.

Download The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 5 (end volume 1): The Wingless Bird Within the Cage (part II)
Download Omamori no Kami-sama ch. 3: Matsuri and the Omamori

AND ENJOY. (Don’t forget you can read these online, too!)

Omamori no Kamisama v1ch02


Last month I got it into my head that deadlines were for losers and caused far more stress to both myself and my comrades than I’d like to inflict on them for a thankless job with no compensation. No sooner had the thought occurred to me than I had woken up three weeks later, head fuzzy with no recollection of how I had spent my time previous and sleeping next to a mountain of veritable treasure, my apparent loot from a uninhibited buying frenzy at a convention no less than a four hour drive away. The first thought that came into my mind was, “Gee whiz, look at all this neat stuff!” followed by the sinking realization that I had sorely, sorely neglected my group in the meantime.

With that said, I apologize and offer you some brainless fluff as compensation for my woeful incompetence. Enjoy?

Download Omamori no Kamisama ch.2 – Hinako’s Omamori

And after you’re done reading that, try dropping by the forum and, I don’t know, APPLY FOR STAFF! (Editors and typesetters needed!)