Day four (of twelve) – FABULOSITY

You’re next!

You’ll probably find this one shelved somewhere between “bromance” and “fabulous” in one of the greater libraries of the world (lol), but for now, I hold true to my opinion that I have no idea WHAT the hell this book is about. Sure, you have dudes sitting on top of overpasses considering how best to humiliate their peers, but then they start thinking about how far is too far; then you’ve got dudes cleaning their houses so their girlfriends can go shopping; and then you have other dudes who jump off skyscrapers in search of AWESOME cheesecake.

I shit you not, this book is hilarious if only taken out of context. In-context, though, it’s still pretty cool. Now go read it.

Download Detective Conan (doujinshi): Angel Pop

(And don’t be fooled by the shoutalicious cover. I’m convinced that was just a comedy of errors.)