Download DNAngel while you can!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but the oncoming threat of finals week always prevented me from taking care of it; that is to say, finals week is over and I’ve got no excuse to keep people from hating me anymore! That’s right, as you can assume from the title, we’ll be removing DNAngel from our site starting next week. As we’ve explained numerous times before, we’re not in competition with Tokyopop, and we don’t want any of our releases treated as a substitute for a professional work. So I urge you leeches to stop freeloading and buy volume 12 when it’s released on August 11th! Any requests for download links after the chapters are removed will be deleted, and repeat offenders will eventually be banned.


I’m going to make this short since my posts always end up too damn long =D The progress for Barajou no Kiss has been slow as usual (I’m a full time student with a job on top! Cut me some slack!), but we’ve got some good news! Volume 1 is going to be released on 4/25, and volume 2 has a date of 5/26. I guess they ran into some printing hiccups or something xD Anyway, after those are released we’ll finally be getting stuff out in a timely manner, so no more waiting of, like, 100 days again.. ;_;

Can I pacify anyone with this? Er, no?