Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord

Title:Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord
Author: Tommy Ohtsuka, Hajime Kanzaka (Character designs by Rui Araizumi)
Status: Complete
After meeting the enigmatic woman Hureika in a seaside village during her travels, the beautiful genius sorceress Lina Inverse’s fate takes a dramatic turn. Separated from her partner Gourry, she finds herself swept ashore onto an unfamiliar land. Faced with violent monsters, she is suddenly unable to wield her magic…. But her grand adventures only begin once she is saved by Lyos, a boy who claims himself to be the “Knight of the Aqua Lord”….
Recommended reading order*: Super Explosive Demon Story >> Slayers Light Magic >> Slayers Revolution >> Slayers Evolution-R >> Knight of Aqualord >> Hourglass of Falces
*Series can technically be read in any order following Super Explosive Demon Story, with the exception of Revolution and Evolution-R which must be read in order.

34 thoughts on “Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord

  1. Moonshayde says:

    Has anyone ever taken the time to tell you guys how awesome you are, ’cause even if they have I would like to remind you.
    I never thought I’d get to read these in english.
    I’m so happy *sniff*…

  2. Kei says:

    Just dropping in to say a HUGE thank you for the hard work you guys are doing. I really, TRULY appreciate it.

  3. Ryals_Shoal says:

    I would like to thank everyone involved that made this series available and possible for Slayers fans. Thank you all so much for being so awesome! <3

  4. AmeliaXZelgadis says:

    This is a good manga. :3
    I only have one question
    If Amelia is in this manga…then why isn’t Zelgadis in it?
    Lol…to busy to be there.

  5. GirlOtaku says:

    this is one of the best mangas I have read of Slayers … thank you very much for uploading complete, all my life thank them… THANK VERY MUCH

  6. andrew says:

    After reading through this manga(once) i feel alot of questions have been unancerd like why did she want lina to go outside the barrior via that cristal horne thing and did she know the cristal shards would let her use magic? and all in all what was her motovation? i think ill reread it

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