Mebius Gear

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Volume 4

Title:Mebius Gear

Status: Chapter 9 – Typesetting

There is a strange breed of mechanical creators, aptly named “Machines,” who will grant their wielders fortune and prosperity, but only on the condition that their host never loves another person for as long as they live. And where a host has betrayed his machine, you are sure to find a member of the mysterious Gari family, wielders and hunters of Machines, in the ensuing carnage….

When Maria, the head of the Gari family, enrolls in Shakunage high school to pursue one such machine, she has a less-than-welcome encounter with a young man named Shizuma, and the two ultimately join forces to pursue the Machines together… Well, sort of. But little do either of them know that their chance encounter has set the cogs of fate spinning rapidly into motion!


16 thoughts on “Mebius Gear

  1. Snowdrop says:

    I just read the first chapter and I’m looking forward to more!!!!
    I love all of your work. Your scanlations are gorgeous. You have a higher standard of quality and I will patiently wait for the next chapter to be released. The story is really interesting!! Thank you for being magnificent!

  2. Rhodos says:

    I’m totally exhilarated because of this gorgeous new release! Please keep on scanlating – it makes me go crazy! >.<

  3. iKumiko says:

    oooh, so yummy. I like this series ^-^. Mucho. Makes me wanna go get a doll the equivalent of a women scorned myself >.> Lol XD

  4. Foggle says:

    You folks are true internet superheroes for translating Mebius Gear. Excel Saga is my favorite manga of all time, and it is definitely criminally underrated. Even if Rikudou is only doing the art for this series, his contribution to it made it one of my most sought after titles.

    Thank you so much for your great work, and I hope you will be able to release Chapter 4 sometime in the near future!

  5. Someone says:

    I love this series so much ^_^
    Ty guys.
    Do u have raws for 2 volume? I was looking for them on the internet, but found nothing.
    (sry for my english.)

  6. rebmastu says:

    I love this series so much ^_^
    Ty guys.
    Do u have raws for 2 volume? I was looking for them on the internet, but found nothing.
    (sry for my english.)

    Oh yeah, we’re set. We buy the volumes from bk1 or and scan them in ourselves (or should I say, Melly does). The joys of being a self-sufficient group! ! ?(??)?

  7. Babi says:

    I just finished the first volume and fell in love with this!!!! Please don’t drop it!!!! I love how it’s diferent from all the other projects (don’t get me wrong, I just love Shouoto and I’m so glad you guys picked up J+K!!!!) and the quallity is amazing!!! I’m from Brazil, and it’s not always easy to find good and diferent stuff…. Thank you for all the great projects!!! Please keep up the good work!!! You guys are amazing!!!

  8. mychemical-lust says:

    This series is pretty interesting! I really enjoy the art and the storyline is definitely something different! I hope that you all won’t drop the series, but if it is something you all are no longer interested in, then I’m sure we would understand?

  9. rebmastu says:

    thanks for all the chapters so far! can’t wait for the next ones


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