The last information page was kind of TLDR so it’s in desperate need of revamping. For now, we’ll leave the #1 question right here and field the rest in the comments!


Can I link your site?

Of course! Have a button!

More will (presumably) come as we make more…. Presumably.


Can we translate your releases into another language?

Unfortunately we do not allow our releases to be translated into other languages. Over time we’ve begun focusing on translations that lean more toward adaptations, which means that they either wouldn’t make sense or aren’t suited to other languages. This is the call of Rebmastu, our translator. Our only exception to this rule is out of print series, such as Wild Arms: Flower Thieves, however, we ask that you first contact Melfra or Rebmastu (contact information on the staff page) for more information. Thank you!



Please wait at least 24 hours to upload these to reader sites!

And no, we’re not JUST being nazis about it (although, really, if it’s HQ you’re after, you’d be better using our site’s reader anyway. =P) The 24 hour wait time is in place in case any errors are caught with the first release by you readers, our secondary QC, as it were. Then, if necessary, we can upload a version two of our releases to correct any mistakes.

Commenting is enabled, so please ask if you’d like to know anything else!

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I’ve currently preordered “Hana no Mizo Shiro” by Takarai Rihito, I’m wondering if Turtle Paradise would be interested in scanlating this series?

So far, there is a LQ release on MangaFox using Chinese raws but I figured it be worth asking here ^^;


Hello Turtle Paradise, I was wondering if I could translate “Barajou No Kiss” as well, I have enough staff to translate everything and do what is necessary. We will clean the Japanese SFX’s and replace them with translated ones, we will also let people upload our chapters, if they so wish ti, onto manga readers anywhere, which from we have heard, Turtle Paradise has been discouraging. My team and I love this manga and wish to share it with everyone else. We have been informed that you are currently behind on translating the manga and we wish we could translate… Read more »

Ack, sorry. I’m not the best the best English speaker (Main language is Chinese) so I had my friend to help. I guess we got the wrong uhh. Intention(?) or something like that. I’m am very sorry >_________<


I didn’t mean to offend you guys or anything. As for the releases, I get told by my friend, i don’t think he is very uhh, Truthfull? As for asking permission, uhh. I was told that i should ask incase poeple start “Fire Wars”? Or something. Like uh where they post alot on your boards with useless and mean things. I really didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or anything. It’s just English is confusing for me ;A; I think i got it right but I don’t.


excuse me,
if I want to apply for a job,
can you give me the info about what jobs are available ?


Hey there,

I lov reading ‘ure proyects but I’ve always hav a question… which program you use to edit? ah… hope you answer me n_n;

Anyways, thanks for all~ <3


another curious question for you (sorry for tha “curious” n.n;)

er… how you give more detail to your scans? o.o?
ne, ne… tell me >x< pleez~ *puppy eyes*

thanks <3


Um I’m not sure if anyone asked this (If so, sorry I didn’t see the comment;
What made you guys name your group “Turtle Paradise”?


uhmm.. I’m not really asking for release dates but.. how many days does it usually take before a new chapter is released? Is it really hard to put up a new chapter?


Sorry if you guys don’t take manga suggestions (some sites I’ve gone to don’t) but is there anyway you can translate the manga, Sugar Family? I’ve been dying to finish this, but the new chapters never come. It would mean a lot if you guys could work on this one :D It’s fine if you guys can’t though


Oh, okay. I hadn’t realized it’d only been 40 days, my bad. Thanks for answering anyway (:


We are a group that translates them into Spanish sleeves want to lose permission to use the translations and manga scans as follows: Junketsu + Kareshi. In any response, send an email to

We are a group that translates them into Spanish sleeves want to lose permission to use the translations and manga scans as follows: Junketsu + Kareshi. In any response, send an email to As a rule, we do not give permission for other groups to use our scans, as noted above. If you’d like to purchase the volumes to use your own, I suggest using,, or, the latter two of which each have English display options. At this time, we politely refuse to allow other groups to use our translations as a means to translate the… Read more »

I have a small question…

If you guys are ever looking for an editor (in English, obviously) then I wouldn’t mind helping. I am totally fluent in English (and a bit of chinese, don’t think its nessesary?idk) … so… yeah… :D