Magic Gunner Rin


Title: Magic Gunner Rin Compilation
Circle: Baselard (Kuno Touya)
Genre: Action
Characters/pairings: Fate/Stay Night (general)
Length: 144pgs (4 volumes + EX)
Summary: Rin Tohsaka is a bounty-hunting Magic Gunner known as “The Crimson Witch”. After taking a job to protect a little girl from the mafia, Rin finds that her client might need her protection even more than his younger sister.
DOWNLOAD #1 (14.2mb)
DOWNLOAD #2 (9.6mb)
DOWNLOAD #3 (9.7mb)
DOWNLOAD #4 (14.6mb)
DOWNLOAD #4.5 (4.6mb)

Download Compilation #1 Vol. 01-04.5 (51.9 mb)

5 thoughts on “Magic Gunner Rin

  1. Melfra says:

    wait, the volume is only 36 pages?

    No, the full volume is 144 pages, but the first part (which should honestly be called a chapter here) is only 36 pages. Er, I guess it’ll make a little more sense when we get the second one up.

  2. Untitled says:

    I had given up hope on this being translated but now. I can’t describe the joy I am feeling right now, all I can say is Thank you so much for translating this.

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