Triple Great

Triple Great

Title: Triple Great
Author: Ohtori Shou / Houoh-kan
Genre: General
Characters/pairings: Emphasis on Lina and Gourry with appearances by Xelloss, Amelia, Zelgadiss, Luna, and a cameo by Phibrizzo. Also, adorable original characters!
Pages: 80
Size: 23.6mb
Summary: An anthology of three Lina and Gourry-centric stories. In the first story, “Meet Again,” Lina wanders off after Phibrizzo kidnaps Gourry, trying to get her thoughts in order, when she meets a strange little girl… In “Birthday,” Lina and Gourry face a new challenge when Gourry decides to take a trip down the straight and narrow path and Lina struggles to keep faith. Finally, “Little Memories” shows that sometimes, fate likes to take a few practice runs before getting it all right.
Date Complete: 2/01/11

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