Virtual Apocalypse


Title: Virtual Apocalypse
Circle: Fuukatei (Yazaki Ryo)
Genre: Gen
Characters/pairings: Entire host club + Haruhi’s DAD (Honey and Mori make woefully short appearances)
Pages: 30
Size: 10.1mb
Summary: Kyoya fulfills a request by Ranka, Haruhi’s father, but with no small amount of meddling from the other members of the club, much to Tamaki’s horror and confusion. Confusion also ensues when it is revealed that *GASP!* Haruhi has a BIRTHDAY! WHAT DO THEY DO!?
Date Complete: 12/30/10

12 thoughts on “Virtual Apocalypse

  1. veggieg says:

    I won’t lie, I love Ouran High School Host Club a lot (and hope there would be a more anime season) so thank you for scanlated this DJ and happy new year to you – if ypu celebrate it <3

  2. Wisty says:

    I’m… I’m kind of scared. But as a patron of your forum, I MUST delve into this doujin with earnest! Or feigned earnest, that works too.

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