The Cycle of Love (Part 3)

[TP]FMwSdj_cycleoflove-3_01_s [TP]FMwSdj_cycleoflove-3_01_sb

Title: The Cycle of Love, Part 3
Circle: Strawberry Lunch
Genre: Drama (angst)
Characters/pairings: Izumi x Meroko; throw in some Takuto, Sheldon for good measure
Pages: 47
Size: 16.2mb
Summary: Takes place during/after the bonus chapter in Volume 3 of Full Moon wo Sagashite. Familiarity with Izumi’s past is expected.

Izumi hatches a plan to distance Meroko from himself, but after some literal soul-searching realizes that he may not have thought his cunning plan all the way through.

Date Complete: 1/2/13

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