Promise on the Beach

Final Fantasy VII - Promise on the Shore

Title: Promise on the Beach
Circle: Honia Ranko
Genre: Light fluff, humorous
Characters/pairings: Tifa, Aerith, Cloud, Yuffie
Pages: 12
Size: 2.6mb
Summary: Tifa and Aerith take a detour to Costa del Sol with Cloud, where the two friends swear an oath to one another. (slight AerithxTifa pairing)
Date Complete: 3/09/08
Notes: The raw for this doujinshi comes from Junk*Garden.

5 thoughts on “Promise on the Beach

  1. Lee says:

    hey, if u guys need any help with cleaning scans or anything, i’d like to help. doujinshis are a bit easier to care.

    and this story is funny. haha

  2. rin_uzuki says:

    This doujinshi–or part of a doujinshi?–totally rocked! The art was fantastic, the characters stayed in character, and… XD I can’t describe exactly why, but this doujinshi totally made my day. Thanks for scanslating it! Here’s hoping for more FF7 Tifa goodness! <3 <3 Arieth, too. :3

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