General Code


Title: General Code
Authors: Tsukishimaya and Kirikarou
Genre: Gag, followed by delicious angst
Characters/pairings: All cast; Zack, Aerith, Kunsel, Cloud main
Pages: 46
Size: 16.9mb
Summary: A series of gags mostly featuring Kunzel’s (futile) quests for Zack’s affections, the supporting casts’ various fetishes (especially in regards to hair styles…), ADVENTURES IN COOKING, followed by a more serious, reflective piece about Aerith and her feelings for Zack in the time following his assignment to Nibelheim.
Date Complete: 12/18/09

7 thoughts on “General Code

  1. dboy says:

    Reading the first story was hiliarious, 2nd and 3rd story just tore up my heart and couldn’t stop crying; maybe because I have Ayaka “Why” song playing during that time.

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