The New Rules of Love


Title: The New Rules of Love
Circle: Ozone
Genre: Romance
Characters/pairings: Syaoran X Sakura, Tomoyo, Touya, Fujitaka, minor Eriol
Pages: 36
Size: 12.2mb
Summary: Two short stories focused on Sakura and Syaoran’s relationship, followed by two short misc. gags. In the first story, Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, Yukito, and Touya go on a flower viewing trip, and the second involves a sort of “what-if” situation on Syaoran’s part – if he hadn’t immediately gone home to Hong Kong and instead… well, I can’t spoil more than that!
Date Complete: 3/01/08

14 thoughts on “The New Rules of Love

  1. Chacha-chan says:

    You guys are so wonderful to work on their doujin, its really hard to find straight doujins, hee haw, so I appreciate the fact that you guys bothered to translate and work on one, Thanks a lot! You guys are awesome!

  2. chibisyao says:

    Thanks ^^
    I have it at home but, since I don’t understand japanese, even though I had a good idea about what was going on from the pics, but I still didn’t know exactly either aha~ ^^;
    Having a translation is great~

  3. taylor says:

    You guys are so incredible! Thank you so much. It cannot be overstated how much everyone appreciates your translations. (and the new eva, that’s a good get! :3) Really, though. Damn. Keep it up!

  4. harukikoutou says:

    @Ozone: sakura_s and I are in the same forum:
    May we borrow your doujinshi to post into my forum – VnSharing? We will reup and keep your credit, please….! It will be translated into Vietnamese. We will make our friends know about it and like it. :>
    Write us soon. Thanks for your sharing~! :D

  5. rebmastu says:


    Wow. Circle = Author. We translate these into English, the author doesn’t factor into permissions at all. (If you’re going to translate doujinshi, you’d better brush up on your terminology.)

    Anyway, same permission stands, yadda yadda, and believe me, dragging more of your forum-mates into this isn’t going to speed the process along at all.

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