Sakura Sakura

Sakura Sakura Sakura Sakura (reverse cover)

Title: Sakura Sakura
Circle: Totsugeki Wolf
Genre: Gag?
Characters/pairings: Syaoran X Sakura (misc. other characters)
Pages: 26
Size: 11.1mb
Summary: Rated R for frontal nudity.
A pair of stories featuring Sakura and Syaoran fluff.
Date Complete: 2/19/08

21 thoughts on “Sakura Sakura

  1. Chacha-chan says:

    Thanks a lot for your hardwork! I really do love this elementary school pair, both are so cute together!!

  2. albeitalways says:

    as what chacha-chan has said before, thanks a lot for all your hard work! i know it’s not easy doing your job but rest assured, all your efforts are appreciated!

  3. KaiLi says:

    First story is soooo cute… it’s short, but very cute! ^.^
    The second one wasn’t much to my taste; but the first one is adorably cuuuute! XD
    Thank you for translating and uploading on DD!

  4. Mei-lan says:

    Taking this doujin, too. Thank you so much! But where does the frontal nudity come in? O_O That makes me a little wary……

  5. Isha says:

    I love the second story! It’s so sexy! I love it so much! I want more! n///n I’m so perverted XD andyway, it’s gorgeous! Pleasee make more! #-# And I hate Tomoyo right now, she wrecked the moment! *bashes her face in* Hahaha…let’s see you go about so confidently now, you little bitch!!! X-X

  6. Nerd-san says:

    Syaoran-kun is no perv the persn who wrote it is!!!
    but id still lke to say that they worked very hard on it and it shows
    just write cleaner ones!!!

  7. myl says:

    thank you for scanlating!! i love both of the stories~ but i like the secnd one more >_<,, and sakura and shaoran are so adorable too~

  8. Melfra says:

    i’m new can some1 tell me how 2 read the manga. afther I downloaded it, i don’t know how 2 read it

    Depends on what programs you have and what OS you’re running. If it’s just Windows XP and above, you can open the zip file with windows explorer- or you can unzip it using winzip or a program like that. Place it in the folder you want, and you can open the pages like you would any other image.

  9. rebmastu says:

    I love this doujinshi!!!!! :x It’s very cool. So can I trans this doujinshi to Vietnamese (for every fan of CLAMP) ?? I’m a member of CLAMP FC in wedsite:

    See you soon. I love turtle-paradise!! :X

    Not a problem, be sure to credit and link Turtle Paradise for the scans and original translations, and you’ll be set.

    In the future though, please refrain from contacting staff members on their personal blogs; Melfra has her email address listed on the staff page for such correspondences.

  10. rebmastu says:

    sorry spam~ hey melfra, can I tran th comic to Vietnamese? please…. I want share it to all fans of CLAMP…

    Yes, I already gave you permission.

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