Vengeance is cuter than ever: The Vengeful White Cat Lounging on the Dragon King’s Lap, ch. 1

The Vengeful White Cat Lounging on the Dragon King’s lap
Chapter 1: Summoned and Exiled
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What better way to commemorate the end of a lengthy hiatus with a brand-spanking new series?

This tasty little treat ticks all of my favorite boxes in a shoujo:
A sassy heroine
High-fantasy hijinks
~Magic Apprenticeships~
Cranky old ladies with hearts of gold

And did I mention a super sassy heroine?

Credit roll call!
On editing duty is Kaori! (You can tell she’s been working with a shoujo group because she annihilated the SFX, AHAHA)
Proofed jointly by Melfra and newcomer Shadow! (the aspring English major!)
And translated and typeset by yours truly. (I wanted something to ease me back into the scene. THIS WASN’T IT. OH GOD, THIS WASN’T IT.)

Aaaaand story time! When I first got it into my head that the Turtles should crawl out of retirement, I figured we’d focus on Slayers and leave it at that. But when I took a peek at my favorite online book vendor and saw the story of a girl who turns into a white cat and declares her need for VENGEANCE upon the world, it made my kokoro go doki doki. And did y’all know there’s a new ongoing Orphen manga? I mean…. Not promising anything, buuut…

Regardless, feedback’s important on this one! If you enjoyed reading it, drop us a line in the comments!

Edit: If you’re hungry for more and don’t want to wait for the next chapter, check out Froglation’s translation of the novel!