Day Eleven (of twelve) – FAT MAN IN A LITTLE COAT

I might have the same reaction.

I said the double-releases wouldn’t last, but no one believed me! THEY NEVER BELIEVE ME.

Bah. At any rate, more Magic Gunner for your reading pleasure, and believe me when I say this series works just as well as a stand-alone manga. Sure it’s a little unpolished, but hey, that’s what you get with doujinshi.

Download Fate/Stay Night dj – Magic Gunner Rin (#3)

Tomorrow’s the last day. I’m preemptively weeping. =(

Day ten (of twelve) – Double-Feature!

We’re scanlators, kid. We do this shit pro bono.

With The Twelve Days of Doujinshi rapidly drawing to a close and us with a shit-ton more stuff we want to release, we decided to make today a double feature. On this fine occasion, you’re getting not one, but TWO western-themed doujinshi. Granted, one has absolutely nothing to do with the other, but hey. At least there actually IS a theme.

Download Fate/Stay Night doujinshi: Magic Gunner Rin (ch. 2)

Download Wild ARMs 3 doujinshi: An Adventure in Sepia

Now, I can’t guarantee that every day from here on out will be a double feature… But it’d be pretty freakin’ sweet if we could pull it off, huh? =D

Day eight (of twelve) – MOBSTERS

Shootin’ up gangsters since 2004

Melly hasn’t stopped fangasming about this since the original Japanese volume came in the mail about a year ago, and for good reason. Magic Gunner is AWESOME. Loosely based on Type-Moon’s Fate/Stay Night franchise (with later appearances by other franchises, such as Tsukihime), this re-imagines the characters in a setting reminiscent of a modern wild west. As such, I’ve also reversed the names to Western order and adopted westernized suffixes in place of the traditional Japanese -san, -sama, etc formation, which seems to hold true to the author’s intent, considering he uses “Mr.” in place of “-san” at least once in the story. Feel free to lynch me for it later, but for now, read it and enjoy. There’s a lot more where this came from. >=3

Download Type-Moon doujinshi: Magic Gunner Rin (Volume 1)

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to locate any volumes other than this compilation (covering up through volume 4) and volume 5 (which is MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING, btw), so if anyone has a source for volume 6 (released at c78, I believe), please let us know. Otherwise, the next release of the Magic Gunner series will probably be when the next compilation surfaces. (Hopefully by Winter of next year.)