Things are looking weird around here…

Recent WordPress updates caused the index page to go completely insane. Being that I have zero experience with actually customizing WordPress, I’ve been spending my Saturday fumbling around, trying to rebuild the site from scratch to protect it from this in the future. I’m not terribly happy with the changes rolling out with 3.7, so all I can say to my fellow devs is – be careful when you upgrade! Even if the worst had happened, we still have backups, but dealing with a failure like this is always scary.

Aside from looking… well, horrible, there is a new addition to the header image. Rebmastu makes it a point to complain regularly about the difficult navigation on the site, and while no one has actually mentioned it to me, I’m sure some people have gotten confused by it in the past. There are now links in the header area to go to the various sections of the side, and the links to both the tumblr and twitter are in the sidebar.

Please let me know of any suggestions to make the site a little better right now. I’m infinitely frustrated with, well, everything, and the absolute last thing I want to do is roll out a site that is simply “good enough.” Well, that’s obviously what’s happened now, but hopefully there is some groundwork in place to make things better in the future.

Let this serve as a reminder: When you press that “update” button, never think to yourself, “this never goes wrong, but I definitely don’t want things going bad tonight!”

Introducing the king of moe

Fangirls, fanboys, and casual readers in-between, lend me your ears! Tonight I impart upon your unready eyes a vision of the ultimate prince of moe! Okay, okay, I might be exaggerating. Lately he’s been more gar than moe tbh, especially with the sequence of stunts he pulled last chapter. Of whom do I speak, you ask? I’ll bet you already know! It’s…!

Barajou no Kiss, Punishment 35: Heart and Mind
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I hereby crown Seiran Asagi the undisputed king of moe. What’s this?! We have a challenger!! It’s none other than… Kaede Higa? Sorry, but you’re just a little awkward. You’re moe, but your shoujo heroine antics cancel you out as the forerunner for the title. It’s okay, bro. You’re still aces in my book.

This chapter! Typeset and translated by yours truly! Edited by c0de_da1sy! And QC’d by Melfra! This chapter continues our recent spree of fabulous extras, and by fabulous extras I mean a spin-off pamphlet begging you for fan input on the series. Although I would be interested on what people come up with for the caption contest… Leave your comments!

And speaking of comments, we’ve disabled commenting on the series pages because certain people are getting way out of hand.

I’ve heard enough about Junketsu. We’ve ALL heard enough about Junketsu. Here on the site, on twitter, IN EMAIL. Look, you guys are starting to make this feel like a job, and I shell out my OWN money (in excess of $100 a month, HEY FEEL FREE TO DONATE TO HELP OFFSET THAT) to do this as is. We know it’s been a long time since we last did anything on the series, and that point is valid. But I think it’s time to back off, because you’re not helping your case; you’re demotivating anyone on the staff even remotely interested in working on it (read: ME). I look at a chapter of Junketsu on my hard drive and try to motivate myself to work on it but I CAN’T, because I think of all the horrible comments we get, all the horrible emails we get, and I think to myself, “Do I really feel like rewarding that kind of behavior?” The short answer of it is no, I don’t. I know there are a lot of you who aren’t so aggressive and downright RUDE about it, and I hope that the people ruining it for everyone else will find it in themselves to step up and apologize. Until we get less pressure on this front, I’m not touching it. Not until I can look at a chapter and not be overcome by the urge to shut the damn site down and go back to working exclusively on doujinshi like we used to.

WELP, GOT THAT OFF MY CHEST. Apologies to anyone not particularly affected by it, or anyone who doesn’t care to hear about it.

Barajou no Kiss chapter 13… and 14!?

Oh, we’re plotting alright.

There are a million billion people out there in the world right now and I’m willing to bet that today is one of their birthdays. So here’s to you, Mister one in a million billion people out there in the world right now; be glad that on this day XXX years ago your mother catapulted you out of her gaping maw and into this world. Here, have this present of not one, but two chapters of Barajou… and thank YOU for being born.

Okay, so all Evangelion-based lampooning aside, I’ll bet you’re all wondering WHY this chapter took so goddamn long to get out. It’s because we no longer have any editors. Nope, not a goddamn one. Our last dependable staffer has disappeared off the face of the planet (like so many before her) and we don’t have anyone to step up to the plate in her place. And hopefully, that’s where one of you will come in. (By which I mean plz plz plz take the editor test oh my GOD we need help.)

ANYWAY! As of this chapter we’ve changed “Anise’s” name to the official romanization of “Anis”. PROTIP: It’s pronounced Ah-nis, with a soft “A,” not a hard “A” like in “Anus,” which is pretty much the reason we changed it to begin with. But worry not, we’re gonna go and re-do the earlier chapters to reflect that change later this month to make up for not releasing anything on the 21st. (Durp durr)

Anywho, thanks for being patient (Oh god I can’t say that with a straight face…), and enjoy the new chapters. Yeah. They’re plotty… Or at least the second one is. YAY, CONFLICT. We also went ahead and re-released chapters 11 and 12 to get you started. (That brings ch.12 up to a whopping v3, lawl. OH BOY, DOES THAT EVER LOOK GOOD.)

Download Barajou no Kiss chapter 13:
Attack! ☆ My Neighbor’s Body Measurements; and
Barajou no Kiss chapter 14: Beware of Idols?!

Anyway, not to be a fear-mongerer or anything, but if we don’t get any new editors in the near future, like, REALLY near future, we’re probably going to have to shut down for a while. Both Melly and I go to work AND school full time, and neither of us really has the extra time to do too much more of this on our own, so unless we get some more hands on staff, our release rate’s gonna go down even more than it already has… and that’s saying a lot. Again, visit the forums and take the EDITOR tests if you have the time! (We’re set with typesetters for the time being. All we need right now are IMAGE EDITORS.)

About release delays and recruiting!

Figured I’d post this since so many people are asking about new releases (especially on the SLH front, but let’s forget about that for now). The majority of staff is busy with school now, so we really have just myself, Reb, and a couple others working on projects right now, and even we are busy with work and other RL stuff. The group isn’t on hiatus or anything like that, but releases will be a bit slower than usual! There was also an incident a little while ago with the scanner’s (yeah, that’d be me) hard drive failing, losing almost all of our raw scans. Many chapters have to be rescanned and edited from scratch, so while that isn’t the biggest problem here, it certainly doesn’t help matters.

Now for people asking specifically about SLH, that was one of the casualties in the hard drive bomb. I don’t know what Shouto’s problem back then was, but SLH is immensely difficult to edit, and with what free time I have, it’s gonna take a while longer.

So what we DO need right now is more people on staff! If you’ve got the patience and the time, please head over to the forum and apply for a position! I know the tests seem hard, but they’re only that way so we can get a specific idea of what you can and can’t do. Even if you think you bodged it terribly, chances are that we’ll find some work for you!


First off, let’s summarize the results for last month’s (week’s? UHHHHHH when did we put that up again? I CAN’T REMEMBER) poll!

So, do YOU buy manga that you’ve read online?
The majority of you said “I only buy if I really like the manga,” with a whopping 70% of the votes. This is all sorts of cool, guys. SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY! *pumps fist* Sweet action.
24% of you said “If it’s readily available, I’ll buy it.” Also most excellent. (YOU’LL GET A MASSIVE BOOK COLLECTION, GUYS, IT’S SERIOUSLY AWESOME.)
Aaaand 6% of you said “I’ve already read it, so I don’t bother.” THAT’S 6% TOO MANY.

But anyway! If you’ll take a look at the new (POORLY DESIGNED, OKAY, OKAY, I’M SORRY ;_;) projects page, you’ll see that we’ve added ALL SORTS OF NEW STUFF! Go take a look and see if any of our new titles tickle your fancy – and tell us about it in the new poll! Or you could comment here and make a discussion out of it. That’ll be cool, too.

And with that said, we’ve also added a “Recruitment” page. Right now we’re looking for editors, type-setters, and Quality Checkers, so drop us a line over there if you think you can help out!

Edit: Removed the “Hourglass of Falces” option from the poll because, duh, it’d win by a landslide. (And it’s not technically a “new” project either, since we’ve always intended to do it.)