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Bros 4 life, yo

It’s Tuesday. Again. And we have a new chapter of SLH to feed you. Again. Am I alone in sensing a pattern here? I must be! It’s a trick of my imagination, I’m sure of it!

Oh, whatever. Welcome to Release Day. (Can we pretend it’s, like, Monday or something?) Rest assured, we’ve got other stuff in the works, it’s just… Well, SLH is getting done faster. HOPE YOU LIKE IT, ‘CAUSE WE DON’T. Surprisingly, though, the general consensus for this chapter among the staff is, “It doesn’t suck.” That’s a backhanded compliment for any other series, but for SLH, well, we settle for the middle ground. This chapter is made fabulous, again, through Ren and Kuga’s double-teaming efforts. Are they getting it on off-screen, or what? I’ll leave that image in the minds of prepubescent pre-teens everywhere to stew over.

Download SLH Ch. 15 here
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Thank Shinigami for editing, Zippy (The Zipster!) for typesetting, and Clover and Melfra for QC! Most of our staff is busy with Finals and end-of-the-semester bullshit, SO WISH THEM LUCK.

I’m a great, big liar!

Even Gai thinks reading SLH feels like getting a limp fish slapped across your face. And he’s an in-universe character!

“Don’t worry!” I says. “We won’t be doing Tuesday releases anymore, but that means faster releases!” I says.




Well, wailing and moaning aside, uh…. Welcome to Tuesday’s releases. The irony! It BURNS!

But not as much as it burns to have this chapter of SLH pass through my hands to yours. Can I get some neosporin over here? Oh, now, now, I keed. This chapter is saved solely through the virtue of Ren, Kuga, and the rest of the S-Hall gang– and the fact that Cain only shows up on two pages. Oh, and there’s plenty of Kitoh/Asuka fan-fodder to be had in this here ch., too. BROMANCE ON THE SEVEN SEAS! Let’s hope there be no cannibals on that island. I doubt they’d fare as well as the REAL Robinson Crusoe… Inasmuch as a fictional character can be considered such, anywho.

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And if I may hijack your attention, please… That donation button’s been starved for affection lately. If you could, I don’t know, give it a little something to eat…? That’d be awesome. It would love you forever for it. And so would weeee~

Like you would be that lucky…


You know, I have to say I’m glad no one was scanlating SLH while it was still being serialized in Sylph magazine, because I don’t know how some of you would have been able to deal with the two-month wait in between chapters.

Welcome to Tuesday releases… On Wednesday? Ah, hell. FUHGITTABOUT IT.

As you might have figured out already, Mel and I have decided we’re ditching Tuesday release days, if not permanently then at least temporarily while we take care of family issues. Hopefully this might actually mean an increase in release rate, since, well… Hell, I don’t know! Don’t come into my place expecting me to justify my wholly unfounded claims of supposed future grandeur! Farkin’ A, man. Kids these days. That said, we have three hopefully biatchin’ releases for you today.

The first of which is SLH, which continues to tick our staff off more and more with each chapter. Trust me, it only gets worse from here. Don’t get me wrong, though — we’re not dropping it. That ain’t the Turtle way. The highlight of this chapter is the first color page. Redrew that biatch by hand myself. That’s right, shower me with your praises. I DESERVE IT.
Download SLH Ch. 13 here
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Secondly, we have Birdcage, which our staff only loves more and more as the chapters go by. Speaking of which, I’m sure some of you out there wondering why it’s taken us so long to put out this chapter — there’s a reason behind it, and it was totally intentional. (Sorry folks!) See, volume 3 was supposed to go on sale waaaaaaay in the early part of last month, but due to circumstances beyond my comprehension, it was pushed back until the later part of this month. Now, this chapter has a pretty vicious cliffhanger, so rather than leaving you guys hanging for the two or three months it would take for vol.3 to finally land in our grubby mitts so we could pass it on to you, we decided to push it off for as long as possible. Now seemed like a good time to finally take it live.

And did I mention that cliffhanger is pretty vicious?

Download The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 11
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And finally, we have a sweet-as-hell Barajou artbook for your enjoyment. A lot of these images were used as, say, color inserts for new chapters, Rosario card designs, merchandise designs, etc, but there’s also some brand-spankin’ new art to be beheld inside this collection of beautiful digital ink. We resized the pages to 1600px height, like we do with our usual manga releases, but you can find these images in GODLY RESOLUTIONS at Melly’s Minitokyo account. (We ask that you please don’t re-upload these to other such viewing sites. That’s kind of a dick move.) Also, the compatibility test (which some of you may have already taken =D) IS GENIUS.

Download Barajou no Kiss artbook: Jewel’s Rose
Read Barajou no Kiss artbook: Jewel’s Rose online

Also note that this artbook was only available for sale for a limited time via mail-order through Asuka Magazine, where Barajou is being serialized. (The promotion has long since ended.) Your only bet to grabbing a material copy now is hitting up Yahoo auctions… and that costs a pretty penny.

Phew! Well, how was that for wordy? INFORMATION OVERLOAD. Like I said, we are no longer sticking to the Tuesday-only release schedule. ANTICIPATE GREAT THINGS FROM THIS.

On that note, we’d like to thank everyone who’s applied for the typesetting position so far, but please, for the love of all that is good and right in this world, DON’T EXPECT TO HEAR BACK ON YOUR RESULTS FOR AT LEAST A COUPLE OF DAYS.

Who needs chocolate when you have GIANT ROLLS OF CAKE

But for those of you who aren’t reading Birdcage (In which case, srsly, what are you waiting for?) have some skeevy Kitoh being skeevy.

Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the ambition to be either witty or DERPY DERR this release post, because I have to get my arse off to work post-haste. Instead, all I say to you is: Enjoy these new chapters of Birdcage and SLH because, well… Hell, I don’t know. Just take ’em and go.

Download The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor chapter 9: “His and Her Awkward Sunday, Her and Her (?) Unexpected Saturday (Part I)

Download SLH chapter 12: Asukai and Kitoh confess their undying love for one another and live happily ever after (end vol. 3)

Birdcage has been brought to you by the magic editing fingers of Rainstride, typeset by the speedy Zippy Zippy, scanned and QC’d by Melfra, and translated by yours truly. SLH was edited by the FEARLESS Shinigami (death fears no man!), scanned and QC’d by (ol’ trusty!) Melfra, and typeset and translated by yours truly. Thanks for tuning in, folks, and see you next week!

You know what this post needs? More naked models.

But I suppose a blackmailed Hiyoki will have to do.

So, apparently it’s that asshole Cain’s birthday today. This is a sad, sad coincidence. Have a picture of Hiyoki being blackmailed by him to remind us all of what a dick that guy is.

I hate Cain. /end tirade But in honor of Hiyoki’s constant suffering at his hands, have a chapter of SLH instead, edited at the hardy and stalwart hand of Shinigami, and QC’d by Melfra. Enjoy it!

Download Stray Love Hearts Room #11
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And finally, what we’ve all been waiting for! New Birdcage! HELL. YEAH. We’re really, reeeaaally sorry about how long it took to get this chapter out. =X Hopefully the next ones should be more forthcoming. Typeset by ZippyZippy (in zippy fashion!), edited by Melfra (I’M SORRY BB, I LU D=), and QC’d by Melfra. ILU GUYS SO BAD.

Download The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 8
Read The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 8 online

That’s it for this week! We may or may not be going on hiatus for next week… It’s that (dreaded) time of the year again — THE TWELVE DAYS OF DOUJINSHI.