IT IS TIME. It’s been just over two years since we started releasing SLH, and it’s become one of our most popular, yet most polarizing series we’ve run to date, and today we bid it farewell. Now, compare that to its four-year publication in Sylph, and you’ll see why it pissed us off every single goddamn time one of you piped up asking when the new chapter would be out.

But I don’t want to get all negative with this one, no, no. This is the last time we’ll be releasing SLH, and by god, if it let me pull a gag like the one you see at left, then it can’t be all bad, right?


AT ANY RATE! This chapter was typeset by Zippy Zippy (“I’M FREE!! I NEVER HAVE TO TOUCH THIS STUPID, STUPID SERIES EVER AGAIN. TEARS OF JOY PEOPLE! TEARS. OF. JOY. ;.;” ), edited by c0de_da1sy (“AND JUSTICE HAS NOW BEEN SERVED”), and QC’d by Melfra (“Seriously?”) and Clov3r (“Blurrhaghlrlbluagh”) THESE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU MUST THANK.

Download S.L.H – Stray Love Hearts! The Last Room [END] here
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And here’s where I give a shout-out to all of our staffers who worked on the series! We had a lot of one-hit-wonders on staff for this, and for a long, long time the running joke was, “Everyone quits after SLH,” because, well, there were a ton of people who did.

Editors! Tom the Mighty, Shirozaki, Melfra, Shae, Shinigami, and c0de_da1sy (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BB! =DDDD)

Typesetters! Baki, Shirozaki, ZippyZippy, MagmaStorm, and Kaori

Translators! …Oh come on. Do you really have to ask?

Quality Control! Melfra and Clov3r <3 (ILU bbs.) And special thanks to all the newbies who signed on to the team only to get saddled with SLH for their first projects and then... promptly disappeared afterwards. YOU LIVE ON IN OUR HEARTS!


The madness continues!

Any other picture would kind of be a spoiler. BUT HELL YEAH, YUKI!


The turtles are here to interrupt your regularly scheduled Tuesday activities for a special delivery of AWESOME. No Flower Thieves or Lost Universe today, sadly, but we’re still talking about as awesome as girly comics can get — and that’s BIRDCAGE. That’s right, we’re finally bringing you the follow-up to that BOY HOWDY horrible ending to volume 2. ENJOY, TURTLE-DUDES.
This chapter is brought to you by the stylish editing styles of Shinigami, typeset by the BLAZING FINGERS of ZippyZippy, and QC’d by the Clov3r and Melfra P-P-P-POWER COMBOOOO!

Download The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 12
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Someone’s started translating the novels too, so go drop by sometime and check those out to get a different (rather, the original) perspective on the series. It’s good times, y’all.

In other news, we’re bringing you YET MORE SLH. Two chapters? In two days!? I THINK YOU KNOW WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS, TURTLE-DUDES AND DUDETTES. Ren’s got his crazy sexy troll face on this chapter, and I couldn’t enjoy it more. GIVE IT TO HIM, BB. Hold on, I’ll go get my camera. =D (Also, IMAGE WRAP! Does that not look COOL AS SHIT!?) This chapter was brought to you by c0de_da1sy at the editing helm, typeset at the hands of Kaori, and Melfra and Clov3r did their best to make this look q-q-q-q-quality, and not QUALITY in the end. THERE’S ONLY ONE CHAPTER LEFT, YOU GAIS. GET PUMPED!

Download S.L.H – Stray Love Hearts! Room #19 here
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That does it for today’s releases! With all of our series starting to come to an end (Flower Thieves with only three chapters, SLH with one, and Birdcage with only a volume left), as you can guess, we’ve got some new projects in the works. But as for what they are, well…

That’s a secret.


…Namely, the ending.


Remember how I said we were going to release some Birdcage? Well, there’s been a bit of a delay… But no worries! It’s tentatively on the plate for tomorrow. REJOICE, EMIYA SHIROU. Then join me in weeping over the project that replaced it today. (WHY DO I KEEP MAKING TYPE-MOON JOKES LATELY.)

Our first release today is, if it wasn’t obvious from the teaser image (and to be honest, it kind of isn’t,) SLH, which is quickly progressing through its final arc, to the benefit of making most of the staff (who worked on it, anywho), Shizuka supporters and Cain h8ters, not that we really needed any help down that road anyway. Cain is a dick, and in this chapter, he’s got that on display full-force — only with a smiley face most of the time, which is Shouoto’s way of asking us to forgive him for being an insufferable cock. It doesn’t work. HELLO, CHARACTER BIAS!
This chapter was made possibly by c0de_da1sy’s mad l337 editing skills (also made possibly by training with the photoshop masters at the summit of Mt. Everest), typeset by Kaori (she partied with Da Vinci in whatever the hell country I can’t be arsed to think of at the moment. SHE’S ALSO A TIME-TRAVELER), and QC’d by Melfra and Cl0ver, who are too goddamn good as it is to have to travel around the world to seek training. THEY ARE THE MASTERS. LEARN FROM THEM.

Download S.L.H – Stray Love Hearts! Room #18 here
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Moving on to BETTER things (as far as the staff is concerned =D), we have Flower Thieves! As promised last time around, this is the SPECTACULAR conclusion to the Frame of Mind arc. Granted, I’m sure we all kind of figured out where it was going, but… Hell, it was still cute! And the end of this chapter, a familiar face appears…
This chapter was torn to pieces and reassembled by c0de_da1sy in an impressive feat of editing acrobatics, typeset by ZippyZippy’s INSANE PSYCHIC ABILITIES (THERE IS NO PAGE. ONLY TEXT.), and QC’d by Melfra and Clov3r, who enjoy tea with their brunch as they discuss the finer points of my GRAMMATICAL FAILURES.

Download Wild Arms, Flower Thieves chapter 9: Eternal Love
Read Wild Arms, Flower Thieves chapter 9: Eternal Love online

And rounding off our release day TO-day is some more Lost Universe! Canal and Anise attempt to make due without Kain and Milly around, to DISASTROUS results. Also, flashbacks!
Typesetting this time around was done by Kaori, editing by c0de_da1sy, and QC’d by Melfra and Cl0ver! I’M GETTING DEJA VU OVER HERE, YOU GUYS. GET HELP.

Download Lost Universe ch. 10: [COMPANY] here
Read Lost Universe ch. 10: [COMPANY] online

Unfortunately, that’s the last of LU for a little while… Still waiting on more typeset chapters! (HAY GUYS I’M LOOKIN’ ATCHA. LOOKIN’ ATCHA. LOOKIN’ ATCHA.) But in the meantime, that wraps up today’s release day! Keep tuning in this week for some RATHER INTENSE REVELATIONS. And on that note, I apologize for not being my usual HILARIOUS self. I’m moderating myself for the other releases later this week.


Shounen Sunday! HAHA, YES I WENT THERE. Oh. And SLH.

Maxi is… RELIEVED.


Here’s a great, big shout-out to everyone who donated last week! You guys pitched in almost a hundred freakin’ dollars and, as you can see, the site’s still alive and kicking! As an additional bonus, we might even have the cashola to invest in a few new series! (Those will come after we wrap up a couple of our ongoing ones, by the way– and that’ll be sooner than you think!) And don’t worry, fans — We’ve heard your cries for Birdcage, and we’ll be able to deliver on that soon enough. <3 First up, we have the singular most epic, heart-wrenching story I have the honor of translating right now, and no one's reading it! WHY NOT, DAMMIT. Flower Thieves is amazing, Maxi is MOE AS HELL for all you girls out there, and my GOD does it have some of the most epic badass posing I have ever seen! Give it a chance if you haven't already, because it won't be along for much longer. *sob* This chapter was typeset by the BLAZING AND FURIOUS FINGERS of Zippy, edited by c0de_da1sy, whose image-editing skillz are second only to her mastery of l337-sp34k, and QC'd by the returning dream-team of Melfra and Clov3r. This ends the three-part chapter 8 saga, and next chapter is the MIND-BREAKING conclusion! Download Wild Arms, Flower Thieves chapter 8.3: Frame of Mind (part three)
Read Wild Arms, Flower Thieves chapter 8.3: Frame of Mind (part three) online

I hope you guys are enjoying how Lost Universe is shaping up, because we’re paying that one quite a lot of attention at the moment. =D We’ll be at volume 3 before you know it, folks! In this chapter, witness the mind-boggling and d’awww-inducing family dynamics of the Sword Breaker crew. And boy, is it d’aww-worthy. Bonding over Star Wars (or some incarnation of it)– Melly and I did the same thing with our dad when we were younger, and I’ll bet a lot of you out there did, too.
Unleashing an explosive mass of text over this chapter is Kaori, and c0de_da1sy returns for a TRIUMPHANT TRIUMPH on the editing front, with Clov3r and Melfra BLASTING THEIR WAY THROUGH THE SCRIPT in their magical, mystical QC-Machine.

Download Lost Universe ch. 9: [DRIFT] here
Read Lost Universe ch. 9: [DRIFT] online

And here’s the series everyone will skip over the preceding two for. SOB, SOB, SOB. The part that infuriates me the most about the picture above is that Sylph magazine offered it for download as a wallpaper for about a month, but by the time I found out about it, it was a few days after they took it down. I’ve been searching for the damn thing for a year now, with no luck. Hook me up if you’ve got it, and you’ll have a PRETTY TEXTLESS PAGE. <3 And here it is! Thanks for the hook-up, Cere!

Typeset by Kaori, editing by Melfra (HAY MELLY), and give Clov3r and Melfra huge props for actually reading it to make sure my script doesn’t suck more than the story does. (lololol) WE DO THIS FOR YOU, READERS. NOW READ IT, BE GRATEFUL AND STOP TROLLING, GODDAMMIT.

Download S.L.H – Stray Love Hearts! Room #17 here
Read S.L.H – Stray Love Hearts! Room #17 online

…Maybe finishing up this post with SLH was a bad idea. That dirt’s never going to wash out of my mouth. OH WELL! Enjoy it, readers!



Incidentally, that’s also the face I made upon finishing volume four and reflecting that now I’d have nothing to look forward to but volume five of SLH. Ughhhh, volume 5… Anyway. Welcome to not-Tuesday releases, where we bring you yet another chapter of SLH. But don’t despair, gentle readers, for in this installment, Shouoto (finally) brings on the FUNNY! =D According to Melly, anyway, and strange things tickle her funny bone, so your mileage may vary.

This chapter was edited by c0de_da1sy, and QC DOUBLE-TAP provided by the dream team of Clov3r and Melfra — Clo got the head, Melfra got the heart. FATALITY!

(We’d rather you didn’t do it at all, but let’s be adults and compromise here, a’ight?)

Download SLH Ch. 16 here
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That closes up volume four for us here at TP, and now we’ll be taking just a teeny-tiny break from SLH for a while to pay attention to some of our more neglected series, like Barajou, Flower Thieves, Lost Universe, Birdcage, and a slew of new projects we have in the works. (I know! It’s so exciting! =D) Incidentally, we’ve wrapped up the translations for the entirety of volume five of SLH, but we do need a few extra hands (preferably with experience – there’s a reason the running joke around HQ is, “Everyone quits after SLH!”) to help wrap up the editing. Heck, on that note, we still need typesetters, too, so join the forum and apply today!