Making up for lost time

A promise of EPIC things to come

The Twelve Days of Doujinshi thing was a flop.
We haven’t released anything in over a month.
So why are you guys still hanging around here!?

Well, I’m in no mood to burst any bubbles, so here, have a fairly massive release. YEAH, YOU HEARD ME, WE’RE RELEASING STUFF. A LOT OF STUFF. Okay, so it’s not a lot… but it’s a start.

Slayers Revolution chapter 06 – The Downward-Swinging Blade (end)
Slayers Evolution-R chapter 01 – Daybreak and Intrigue (continuation of Slayers Revolution)
Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku Stage 14
Barajou no Kiss Punishment 02 – The Embarrassing Morning
Doujinshi – Final Fantasy VII – Let’s go to School

Download at will! And for those of you interested, Slayers Revolution features some minor changes to the anime story, mostly based around character designs and a new scene, again, not in the anime. In Evolution-R, Hyouju-sensei changed his art style somewhat, so Lina’s a lot less…. well, fugly. xD (I know that was holding some people back from reading it, but IT’S SERIOUSLY SO AWESOME.)

Slayers Revolution chapter 5


The scanner… IS FIXED! And now I attempt to work through a beastly backlog. This is going to take a while, folks, so sit tight. However, I have figured out a somewhat tentative release schedule for the next while, so hit the jump after the download links to see what’s up. (And, woah! We’ve almost hit our fiftieth release! I AM SO STOKED RIGHT NOW.)

As for the Revolution series, chapter six is the end of the Revolution Arc. At that point, the manga will be taking a one-month break (which won’t really apply to you guys, since I’m running so behind ANYWAY XD) before the second arc, Evolution-R (tentative? Manga-wise, at least) starts up. I’ll have more information come next month around the 20th or so.

Download chapter 05 – The Re-Awakened Silver Beast

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Possible delay in new releases

Righty, righty, so my scanner’s on the fritz. There, I said it! Because of this, we’re pushing back our releases just a taaaad, so we’re going to have a mighty backlog of awesome to weed through once we get everything on track. (sniff, sniff, and I was so looking forward to putting out the new chapter of Datenroku this week….) We’re hoping this won’t take us more than a week or two to settle out, and in the meantime… well, we could always fall back on Aqua Lord or chapter five of Slayers Revolution. (Which has already been scanned and is in the cleaning phase, hurray!)

Hit the cut for a list of all affected series/chapters. Keep in mind that this list doesn’t reflect the order in which the chapters will be released.
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Slayers REVOLUTION ch. 04

Despite appearances, this chapter is full of MOE.

Unfortunately I’m WAAAYYY too tired to type anything of meaning here, so… Here! Have the new chapter of Revolution! It’s amazing, in five ways more than one. Wait, that kind of catch-phrase manipulation really doesn’t work in this situation, does it…? Ahh, well, anyway. Awesome chapter is AWESOME.

Download chapter 04 – “Those Who Know the Truth!”

Also, we’ve decided to stick with the 1200px versions as opposed to the 1600px versions we offered in the past. Gotta give our low-res guys some love, right? In the future, I *might* offer 1600px versions in addition, but for now… This chapter was enough of an editing headache as it is. xD

Slayers REVOLUTION ch. 03

There are some things that never change….

Chapter three, up for grabs! And boy, what a chapter that turned out to be…. I hope you guys will see why it took me so darn long to get it out once you download it. xP Beastly! (AHAHAHA!)

Download chapter 03 – “The Sleeping Forest”

We’ve started using smaller dimensions for the pages (1200px in height as opposed to 1600 – it makes a difference!), so please go ahead and tell us what you think about that. Also, Melly’s put up a brand new poll over to the side about what doujinshi you’d like to see from us next. Visit the Doujinshisection to see what we’ve got planned for the future!