Forum down for maintenance

Well, I wasn’t gonna say anything, but this is taking a bit longer than expected. The forum is currently offline for an upgrade. I don’t suggest going there, things look seriously fruity right now.

Trust me on this one.

(where’s my facepalm.jpg when I need it?)

If you can see this, all is well.

Yeah, I'm THAT smug <s>(also, HNNNG CONAN)</s>

Yeah, it's that good. (also, CONAN dkljflakdslkjo;di)

After a slew of hosting issues, domain problems, and screwups on my end, we’ve finally got Turtle Paradise back up and running, which is pathetic since we’ve been down since November 13th. Anyway, kudos to everyone who kept up with the group at our livejournal community and offered those words of encouragement and advice, since imposing our rage on others worked for excellent stress relief. For everyone else, if the site ever goes down like it has been, the LJ community will always be online with a mirror of our releases, and it’s updated whenever something is posted (not days later). The restoration process took much, much longer than it should have, so I think we owe you guys an explanation, but I’m warning you. It’s crazy long.

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Donators are awesome- and other site stuff

Secret new project alert! AND IT'S NOT SLAYERS?!

This is a treat for all you awesome lurkers and posters alike. Because you're awesome.

I think something like this deserves a post of its own. Thanks to you lovely people who have donated in the past, Turtle Paradise has met the funds required to stay on the net for another year! This wouldn’t be possible without you guys, so you all deserve a pat on the back, round of applause, slice of pie, etc. Sadly I can’t give the donators the ego stroke they all deserve with a roll-call, because we don’t keep handles on record; just the emails, and I’m sure these nice people don’t want that stuff public.

For the next order of business, this is just a notice that the site is semi-officially deb0rked. I’ve gone through and edited all the pages that don’t look like they should and redone how comments are displayed and spiffied up the template a little bit, so it’s about 3x less ugly. We’ve also integrated spoiler tags for those who want to get down and dirty in discussions. To use it, just enter [spoiler] text [/spoiler], and you’re on your way. Finally, if you ever run into any broken links (although our 404 page is kind of amusing) or pages that look like they’re not working as they should, please comment to one of the posts and I’ll fix it ASAP.

And for now, I’ll just leave that lovely thing up there as a teaser for one of our upcoming projects. Well, if I ever finishing editing it , anyway. Now, to rewriting that FAQ page! Man, why do these posts of mine always turn out so long, anyway?

Turtle Paradise: only half as ugly


Rebmastu jumped the gun and announced it much earlier than I’d have liked, but here, consider this the official “Turtle Paradise is now only half as ugly” layout post! I tried to do a complete overhaul of the site’s front end, but obviously I still haven’t gotten around to the staff or FAQ pages yet. Aside from the layout-with-a-header-that’s-too-damn-big and completely redone navigation, we also have AWESOME GRAVATAR SUPPORT, which means you can get an AWESOME icon next to your name when commenting. EXTREME!! It’s as easy as going to, entering your email, and uploading a picture! DO IT!

Please feel free to bring up any issues, bug reports, or plain hiccups in general here. I do enjoy changing the site around based on what visitors say, so I’d like to make this as smooth a browsing experience as possible for everyone!

Eva Gakuen Stage 8 – no explanation required

Nothing strange about a pair of guys at a sleepover wearing matching pajamas. Nothing.

Welcome to TP’s first independent release, without having to use scan providers or anything, we’ve got Eva Gakuen (also known as Evangelion Academy: my title is far too long) chapter the 8th on the menu, ready to be digested. Not guaranteeing any sort of nutritional value, but enjoy your empty calories regardless. Hey! Potato chips and Eva Gakuen have something in common! NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE! Hooray!

Click here to eat Stage 8! DELICIOUS?

Putting aside my personal dislike for a certain project, a message for our lovely lurkers.
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