New Poll Time!

Last poll, we asked what types of “comics” (for lack of a better universal word; well, maybe graphic novel would work but ;lsdfj) you liked reading. Of the participating voters, 35% said they read a mix (I still don’t even know what I meant by that, lol), 30% read manhwa or manhua, while only 28% stick exclusively to manga. Brining up the rear, 7% of voters claim to read NA comics and graphic novels. You guys should go read Fables. It’s awesome.

And with those results posted, it’s time for the next poll! I’m maintaining the status quo by posting crap no one cares about, gais. But it being a Monday, it’s fairly relevant.

[poll id=21]

If anybody has any poll suggestions, pitch ’em at me with a comment or PM, I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

Worry not, the Monday releases will be coming later today. LOOK FORWARD TO IT!
Also, for the last time: Do not ask when new chapters are coming out! We release chapters as soon as they’re done. If it’s not out, it’s not finished. THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE, PPL. Going to ignore everyone else asking this now, kbye

lol popularity (and a new poll about the reader!)

Well, the results are in from the last poll… except not, but you get my drift!
Obviously the majority wants some good ‘ol Shouoto lovin’ with Barajou and SLH, but coming up third is Birdcage, which gives me warm fuzzies like you would’t believe. Especially considering it was #1 for a week thar =D But that last one was gigantic, don’t even. So it’s gone now.

[poll id=”19″]

Instead, we’re still talking about the reader! Those of you who like reading online have had enough of a chance to flip through it a bit, so here’s your chance to give some honest feedback! Does it suck? Does it not suck? Time to hide behind the veil of anonymity and make your opinion known!

But if you don’t want to hide behind an anonymous wall, please feel free to tell us your opinions, suggestions, or complaints in here, because I totally have no idea wtf to do next. (;/゜o゜)/ ?~*

Oboi New Poll Time!


Wow, people were actually beginning to complain about how long that last poll was up there. Ehh, I’ll think of one that’s actually entertaining later, but for now it’s srs business! Poor Barajou. Poor Anise. The series has been through so many different revisions, it’s just getting old- even Anise has had her name changed not once, but twice! Unfortunately, the girl’s up for lucky #3, and here’s the deal.

Our decision to change Anise’s name from the official Anis to Anise was an issue in pronunciation. Reb was worried that our mostly western audience would pronounce “Anis” with a hard “A”, making the name almost indistinguishable from “Anus” which is.. Yeah, not something you want to deal with in a shoujo, that’s for sure. So we eventually decided to place the stress on the “I” to avoid this.

Now with the surfacing of the drama CDs (psst, you can find them at the forum!) it’s become common knowledge that Anise’s name really is pronounced “Anis,” so we don’t have that same problem any more.

Now it’s up to you guys! Do we keep “Anise” or do we switch over to “Anis?” We will release updated chapters if the latter is picked, but for now vote in the poll! Yeah! DO IT! Voting ends the 21st of December. That is, when the next chapter comes out xD

New Poll – buying manga

What? Rebmastu forgot to post the topic for the last poll? Come oooooooooooooon.
But most of you would rather be reading Evangelion than drinking soda, so see how that goes. What, has anyone ever heard of drinking while reading? Looks like no one likes poor Pepsi either. BAAAAAAAH! But it’s time for the next poll. Because I HAVE POLLING ADD

This time: Do you buy manga you read online? Discuss!

New Poll: Slayers Super Explosive Demon Story

No trolling for you!

No trolling for you!

In our last poll, we asked readers how they felt about adding a forum for Turtle Paradise. The reactions were mixed, with 46% of voters resolving to lurk said forums, and an additional 28% in favor of the idea, leaving 21% opposed and 5% without an opinion. It’s a shame, but it looks like a forum system is unlikely, especially considering the number of people willing to participate and those opposed to the idea had only a 7% difference. Sure, you could argue that including the percentage of people in favor was technically was a whopping 74%, but without many people participating, it’s not really worth the effort, now is it? Well, who knows, we might do something like that sooner or later anyway. The past is the past, and now it’s time for our newest poll!

Should Turtle Paradise pick up the first seven volumes of Super Explosive Demon Story?
This one’s been a pretty hot topic here lately, and those in favor have been amazingly vocal (and even confrontational?! WAT) about the whole thing, but we haven’t heard a lot from everyone else regarding the matter, so now’s your chance to speak up!

Personally, I’m a little bothered by the number of people unwilling to pick up the earlier volumes that were released in English (available readily on Ebay, although I won’t be providing links because many dislike the site), but I’m also torn because those I’ve spoken to who read the CPM release say it was pretty subpar. Although it doesn’t technically hurt anyone because the volumes are out of print, it still brings to mind to the current industry issues with many people wanting too much for free. What you do on your own time is none of our business, however, I will say that when the series you download here are released in your country, please support the authors by purchasing the books! Turtle Paradise is not a replacement for the real deal!