Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku Stage 13

It’s almost hard to believe Gendou could ever look like that. o_O


Yeah, yeah, just yankin’ your chain. I’m not taking it down or anything. xD Look forward to the next chapter within about two weeks! (Hopefully less if I can really get ahead of schedule! x3)

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By the way, if you’ll notice, I changed around the chapter order in volumes two and three. It’s best if you consider these lists as very rough estimates until my copy of volume two arrives in the mail, at which time I’ll go ahead and re-arrange them (again xD) if need be. In any case, enjoy(?)

Slayers Revolution chapter 5


The scanner… IS FIXED! And now I attempt to work through a beastly backlog. This is going to take a while, folks, so sit tight. However, I have figured out a somewhat tentative release schedule for the next while, so hit the jump after the download links to see what’s up. (And, woah! We’ve almost hit our fiftieth release! I AM SO STOKED RIGHT NOW.)

As for the Revolution series, chapter six is the end of the Revolution Arc. At that point, the manga will be taking a one-month break (which won’t really apply to you guys, since I’m running so behind ANYWAY XD) before the second arc, Evolution-R (tentative? Manga-wise, at least) starts up. I’ll have more information come next month around the 20th or so.

Download chapter 05 – The Re-Awakened Silver Beast

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Possible delay in new releases

Righty, righty, so my scanner’s on the fritz. There, I said it! Because of this, we’re pushing back our releases just a taaaad, so we’re going to have a mighty backlog of awesome to weed through once we get everything on track. (sniff, sniff, and I was so looking forward to putting out the new chapter of Datenroku this week….) We’re hoping this won’t take us more than a week or two to settle out, and in the meantime… well, we could always fall back on Aqua Lord or chapter five of Slayers Revolution. (Which has already been scanned and is in the cleaning phase, hurray!)

Hit the cut for a list of all affected series/chapters. Keep in mind that this list doesn’t reflect the order in which the chapters will be released.
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Gakuen Datenroku stage 12

This series is starting to get trippy AND awesome. I love it.

The newest chapter of Evangelion: The Records of Heaven’s Descent is up! A short one this time (are we surprised? Uh… I’m not, at least. Ugh.), but it’s crammed with some fantastic….. Well, awesome. It’s just awesome.

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Also, if you all look to the left side of the page, we now have a donation progress bar! Our goal this time around is $110 $50, and you can see that we’ve already gotten a donation. We’ll be having a raffle later on (the date’s a little tentative) of some awesome stuff – including posters, books, and event the individual chapters of the projects we’ve released so far in their raw, magazine form. The prizes are a little tentative right now, of course…. but we’ll make a post addressing that a little later on. Regardless, donations are always LOVE! Thanks for supporting us, all!