Well, that was interesting.

I might feel bad for Shizuma getting LAMBASTED all the time, but he’s a little bit of a dick, so fuck that.

As much as I heart my fluffy woobies, every now and again I feel the urge to pass some lovin’s over to ye ol’ gore porn side of the table, and really, when you think of Turtle FABULOUS Paradise and gore porn, what other title springs to mind but the hilarious (for all the wrong reasons) trainwreck of Mebius Gear?

BOOYEAH, CHAPTER FOUR, BABY. Belated? Bah. How can it be belated when we have no release schedule for it? Although maybe that should change… ANYWAY. Manning the typesetting helm this time around is Beowulf EpikWonder, with an ABSOLUTELY INSANE font selection. To the starboard bow, you’ll find our editor, rainstride the one-eyed (it’s said he pulled out the other one with his BARE HAND because it looked at him funny. Later we found out it was just the result of a bad trip.), and up in the crow’s nest you’ll find Melfra, making sure we don’t fuck it all up. Now read, and enjoy the fruits of our labor… and the fruitless labors of the cast of Mebius Gear. (Haaaw, I made a funny.)

Download Mebius Gear ch. 4 – Hidden Emotions

This’ll be up for online reading later tonight. Melly played with the reader code a while ago, and, uh, hahahaha. Yeah….

Mebius Gear ch. 02

I guess that’s one way to save money on manicures.

Is it Tuesday? No it’s not. Is it Sunday? Fsk no, that was yesterday, don’t subject me to repeating the past! So what does that make today? IIIIIIT’S MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY!

There’s a slight chance we’ll have another chapter (not of Mebius, but that would be kickass, huh?) to release today that’ll come a bit later (possibly early tomorrow) as a last minute thinger dinger, but I’ll be damned if we skipped a whole week not to have a double release one way or ‘nother!


Have a new chapter of Mebius to hold you off. Holy shit, I love Mebius. Editing mojo comes courtesy of Tom the Mighty, and QC happenings from Melfra. BOYEAH. ENJOY.

Download/Read Mebius Gear chapter 2 – A Snow-White Dream online

Oh, and the reaction from the first chapter was PRICELESS. Keep it comin’, folks.

EDIT (the day after, lolz): Yeaaah, Melly won’t let me release anything else after Monday. xP Oh, well! Look forward to a pretty hefty release next week!

Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku ch.19 And A new project!

You know it’s gonna be… uh, something else when Koshi Rikudo’s involved.

Welp, due to technically difficulties, it almost looked like we’d be a little late for Monday’s release day… But we pulled through in the end! It’s all about love, guys. REMEMBER THAT. (Hah. Get it? Memorial day? Remember? Gawrsh, I crack myself up sometimes.)

ANYWAY. First off, we have chapter 19 of Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku! Man! We’re really churning them out, aren’t we? And heck, this chapter weren’t half bad, either! Have at ye, datenroku fans. READ AWAY, and whatnot.

Download Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku vol. 4 ch. 19

HOLD YOUR BREATH, GUYS! WE HAVE A NEW PROJECT! Mmm, fresh meat. Fresh meat is the best meat, unless you listen to Naga, who seems convinced that meat tastes best just before it spoils, but no one takes a black sorceress who dresses like THAT seriously, now do they? (Ah, Slayers humor. Hey, you guys miss Slayers, right…? Heh. Heh. Heh.) ANYWAY. It’s explicitly gory, there’s T&A galore, and lots. and lots. of sex. So be warned that this is most assuredly not for minors. With that said, though, it’s GREAT, RAUNCHY FUN. Here’s the summary!:

There is a strange breed of mechanical creatures, aptly called “Machines,? who will, on the condition that their Host never love another person for as long as they live (else the debt will be paid in blood), grant their wielders fortune and prosperity. And where a Host has betrayed his Machine, you are sure to find a member of the mysterious Gari family, wielders and hunters of Machines, in the ensuing carnage…

So it was justifiable when the Gari family was dispatched to Shakunage High School to covertly investigate a brutal murder perpetrated by the spindly hands of a Machine… But it wasn’t so justifiable when Hanare Shizuma, a youth with an agenda of his own, enrolls at the High School soon thereafter, hell-bent on conducting his own investigation – and soon meets the head of the family of hunters, shockingly enough, a girl his own age. But little do either of them know that their encounter will set the cogs of fate spinning rapidly into motion…

Aaand there you have it. So if you feel so inclined, check it out and tell us what you think! Oh. And it’s definitely not work safe. Seriously. Don’t try it.

Download Mebius Gear vol.1 ch.01: A Destined Love

And that’s it for this week’s Monday releases! Stay tuned for our next installment, date yet to be determined. (But it’ll probably be on a Monday, hurr hurr.)