Procrastination: the mother of all invention!

EDIT: Version 2s of both of these chapters are up. 13 got a massive dialogue rehaul for the sake of improved flow (nothing changed in meaning, so if you’re satisfied with the previous version, you’re still cool), and 14 had a two-page-spread that was still HUGE, but it’s fixed now. Also, Melly fixed the reader issue for ch. 14.Vamos a continuar, tortugas!

Jeeze, when’s the last time we released so much in two weeks? That’s right, Turtle friends, WE’RE STILL BACK! And once again, Midterms serve their purpose as the best motivator around, as any collegiate will tell you– as a vehicle for procrastination, free rides for all! On that note, I realize it seems unfair to release more chapters of a series which has already received recent attention in the face of so many other neglected projects, but this one bears other… motivating factors for the team. That said, we’re back with your favorite Vampire Boyfriend. No, no, not THAT one. The one with Vampires (uh), Werewolves (are you sure this is a different one?), Tengu (okay, now we’re getting somewhere), and… Angels? WELL WHO WOULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING.

First off, chapter 13! We’re coming fresh off the climax of chapter 12 where Cana gets twinked out, and this time around we get to see the effects in action, and, just so you know, it’s pretty. Freakin’. Sweet. Editing this time around by c0de_da1sy, QC’d by Melfra, and typeset and translation by yours truly. Be sure to take a quick look at the translation notes either before you read or after you finished, because the first two pages don’t make a lick of sense otherwise.

Junketsu+Kareshi Moonphase 13: The 13th Angel

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Second up is (gasp!) chapter 14! So soon!? That’s right! We’re working through the backlog at breakneck speed– 15 hasn’t even hit shelves in Japan yet! Since you might not have read chapter 13 by this point, anything I could say as a preview might be a spoiler of sorts for the preceding chapter, but I will say that this one blows 13 out of the water in terms of cool-factor. This chapter sees the (temporary?) revival of the Melfra/Rebmastu double-whammy DREEEAAAAAM TEEAAAAAM with Melly laying the SMACK DOWN with editing, RIPPING UP PIXELS as she scanned that bad-boy in, and CORRECTING MY GRAMMARS on the QC front, with me pulling typesetting and translation duty with my nerdy glasses on. (MELLY’S THE FLASHY ONE.)

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We’ve got a few more chapters in the QC pile to work through, so release rates should be picking up for the time being. Boy, this is all kinds of exciting! We’re still looking for new typesetters and editors (with experience, please!), so if you’re interested, drop by the forum and check out our tests.

The rumors of our death(s) have been greatly exaggerated.

…Then again, that phrase doesn’t exactly apply when you’re IMMORTAL.

Sorry for the delay in, uh… everything, folks. School’s been pretty rough for most of us ever since the new semester started up, and it’s taking us all some time to get acclimated to our new schedules.

ANYWAY! To start catching us up on some delayed projects, first, have some Junketsu Kareshi! You’ll notice some changes with the translation within the first few pages with a certain character’s name, and the translation notes will explain a little more about it. But for those of you who want to go into the story without feeling lost, the official romanization of “Kana’s” name has been revealed as “Cana,” according to the very end of chapter one in the volume release. (Yeeahhh, we’ll get to that eventually, too.) Check the translation notes for more info, skillets.

In the meantime, Moonphase 12! This chapter was edited by c0de_da1sy, translated and edited by yours truly, and scanned and QC’d by Melfra. ENJOY, BROS AND BROETTES.

Download Moonphase 12: Baptisma of Blood
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That said, we’re looking for editors and typesetters to help carry some of the load. Preferably those with prior experience, as none of us have time to train new recruits. Visit the forum to take the tests!

Lampooning Christianity is SOOO cutting-edge

PUT THAT THING AWAY, BEFORE YOU– oh. Was that the point?


Well. Didn’t manage to release this on the fourth like we said we would, the fifth like we said we would, or the sixth like we said we would, and then I slipped up and posted this Friday instead of saving it for later. (And the chapter wasn’t even done at that point!) I shouldn’t even say “We” at this point, since it was me responsible for all the bork-ups.

This is me, failing all over the place.

Anywho. We’ll spread the love to other series (aside from Shouoto’s, that is) pretty soon here, no worries. Both of our typesetters are on a well-deserved vacation (one willing, one not-so-much, lawl. SEE BELOW), so say HAY ZIPPY, HAY KAORI, BRING ME SOME GODDAMN COCONUTS.

Speaking of whom, Zippy, one of our oldest (seniority-wise, lawl) typesetter’s computer took a great, big, giant dump on her (hence the vacation), so she’s looking for ways to earn some cash for a new one — Here’s where she’s selling a bunch of her stuff, so check it out if you’ve got a minute and throw her some monetary love!

AND HERE’S WHERE YOU GET YOUR NEW CHAPTER OF JUNKY BOYFRIEND. As you might expect, we’re planning on releasing this series every month on the fourth or fifth or so, so look forward to actually having a day to look forward to… Except for this month, but that was my bad. On that note, BOY HOWDY, does this chapter have some fabulous EMO FACIAL CONTORTIONS. This chapter! Edited by c0de_da1sy (who worked some fabulous magic on those two-page spreads, by the way — and anyone who’s worked with Shouoto’s 2ps’s knows they don’t piece for beans), and QC’d by Melfra (thanks to whom you don’t have to suffer through an embarrassing news report!) NOW READ THE CHAPTER.

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Next chapter promises to be epic. HURRAY FIGHTAN SHOUJO!

…I love being verbose.

I doofed!


Apologies if some of you happened to catch the post that said Junketsu is up before I managed to mark it as a draft– you still have to wait until tomorrow to read the new chapter. =P

(Just prepping up for a release day, y’all. Move along, folks. nothing to see here.)

Fetish Fri- It’s not Friday? WELL, F-

This is unexpectedly badass!


First off, apologies for the delay in new releases. Most of you were pretty understanding, which I appreciate, and thanks for the well-wishes. (For those just tuning in, I injured my back a couple of weeks ago, and have been recouping from that in the meantime. I’M ALL BETTER NOW.) Unfortunately, due to my taking time off work, bills are running extremely tight in the Turtle household. The Turtle Paradise domain renewal deadline is this Thursday, and both Melly and I get paid on Fridays, so either Turtle Paradise gets shut down, possibly opening up our domain for gankage for a day, or we need to get some donations in here, pronto! If you’ve ever thought of donating but decided to put it off, now’s the best time you can help us out. We’ll appreciate it, no lie!

But moving on, we’ve got three releases today, and hopefully there’s something here for everyone. SALLY FORTH! I always hated that comic. Oh, wait… I guess it’s technically four releases! HELL YEAH!

First, we have the next chapter of Barajou no Kiss! At the end of last chapter, Seiran and Anis found themselves in quite a pickle. WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM NOOOW!? Well, I’m not telling you – read it yourself and find out. Editing this time is brought to you by fresh meat (or fish, depending on how you look at her) Sakana-san, QC’d by Melfra, and translated + typeset by yours truly.

Download Barajou no Kiss Punishment 27: Wuthering Heights
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And rounding up volume 6 is the 24 Hours with the Roses extra, which if you’ll remember, we originally released between chapters 14 and 15 way back when. It was republished with volume 6 in a much higher quality – and we touched-up the translation, too! You’ll also find Shouoto’s customary gag page and the new profile pages for this volume packed in with the zip. This batch was edited by c0de_da1sy, and the other credits remain the same.

Download Barajou no Kiss: 24 Hours with the Roses +vol. 6 extras
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Mama always said cross-contamination was the best way to get shoujo-ites interested in shounen, and what better gateway drug is there than BROMANCE in the form of Lost Universe? …And then Milly runs around the entire chapter in her entirely-too-cute skivvies. HURRAY FOR UNDERWEAR! Editing this time around by c0de_da1sy, typeset by Kaori, and QC’d by Melfra and (she’s back!) Clov3r.

Download Lost Universe ch. 8: Vendetta here
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It's so obvious! Why didn't I think of it sooner!?

And SPEAKING of girls running around in their underwear (AN APPROPRIATE SEGUE, OMG), here’s Turtle Paradise’s inaugural chapter of Junketsu+Kareshi, in which Shouoto introduces quite possibly the greatest character she has ever invented. GENTLEMEN, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: EVE TSUBAKI’IN. (Here’s a hilarious gag-reel by Rainstride, that genius.)Why did I write everyone’s names in Western orientation? Because we’re not in Japan, dag-nabbit, and I regret not doing it that way for everything I’ve ever translated. FINALLY, I CAN DO IT RIGHT. This chapter was edited by c0de_da1sy (I’M DETECTING A PATTERN!), typeset and translated by yours truly, and QC’d by Melfra. GET TO DOWNLOADING.

Download Junketsu+Kareshi Moonphase 10 – Night Dress
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And it’s also come to my attention that some folks out there were impatient enough to bug the folks at Omari to pick it back up because we were taking too long to release. HEY, JERKS. IT’S A MONTHLY COMIC, AND THEY DROPPED IT BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T LIKE IT. Dick move, you guys.

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Also, we would have had a new chapter of SLH this week if not for the beautiful trainwreck of wank on the projects page. You did it to yourself, wanker. You did it to yourself, and all the other fans.