12 Days of Doujinshi Day three – Final Fantasy IX: Strawberry Shake

My feelings towards obscure late 90’s Japanese variety show references.

Uh oh. I know what you were thinking – “Only the third day in and they’re already slacking? Oh, TP!” Tut, tut, tut, ye of little faith! Today was a busy day, and thus the release was delayed! But worry not, we’re still on the third day, and so… Well, gee, that means there isn’t even a problem here, is there? Isn’t that glorious.

Anyway, today’s offering is from Final Fantasy 9, the “crack” Final Fantasy, as I like to call it, (Disclaimer: That’s not what I call it.) featuring all sorts of wacky hijinks from the cast and plenty of 4th wall breakage. Did I mention Tenshin Monogatari likes to throw in all sorts of obscure references to late night Japanese variety shows? Oh well, that’s what translation notes are for, I suppose…. Anywho, enjoy!

Download Final Fantasy IX doujinshi: “Strawberry Shake?