The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day five: Misfit

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Series: Wild Arms
Author: Samurai Metropolis

I don’t think I’ve had much of a chance to fangirl at length over how much I love Wild Arms lately. For the uninitiated or otherwise informed, here’s the short of it: I like it. I like it a lot. A friggin’ ton. My only real regret is that I haven’t replayed the original game in years and years and years. And no, Alter Code: F does not count. Alter Code: F doesn’t count for jack shit in my eyes. But I digress. It just so happens that Cecilia is my favorite character in the game, rivaled only by Jack in my heart, which is why this doujinshi is the bee’s knees as far as I’m concerned because it’s pretty much “them”-centric. And yes, please feel free to put on your shippy goggles, ’cause it’s there if you squint. (I squinted so hard my eyes hurt. But oh, sweet vindication.)

Anywho, that’s enough of my garbling on. It’s late, and I’m incoherent from a hard day’s work! This book was very graciously scanned in by Kini, who was kind enough to supply us with all sorts of other Wild Arms doujinshi for this year as well! Eee. I’m giddy. Granted, we might not be able to get to all of them this time around, but oh, it won’t be for lack of tryin’, I can tell you that. This doujinshi was also edited by Melfra and typeset and translated by yours truly on my lunch break at work. (TELL ME THAT’S NOT AMAZING.)


Day nine (of twelve) – INSANE

And that’s not even scratching the surface.

This doujinshi. Is. INSANE. It represents over EIGHT VIDEO GAME SERIES, all of them mainstream enough to pique anyone’s interest. (Except maybe one or two.) Bottom line is, if you were into the JRPG golden period of the mid-to-late 90’s, you’re gonna like this baby. We’ve got Final Fantasy 7 AND 8, Xenogears, Wild ARMs 1 and 2, Gensou Suikoden, Persona, and Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke. (The latter of which never got a domestic English release, but the premise is AWESOME. You play as a family that has a ridiculously short life-span, but to make up for it, you get to procreate with THE GODS to make the strongest baby EVER that’ll hopefully one day defeat the Shuten Douji, a demon-asshole who likes to go around being an asshole. Go watch some videos and educate yourself.)

That said, this is hardcore gag. But omg, is it funny. (And don’t you dare be afraid to download this even if you only know one of the series!)

Download crossover doujinshi: “The Colors”

Day seven (of twelve) – Re:Heated

Kiss my ass, Melly. I’m using it again!

Ignore the fact that I’m re-using a nearly three-month old teaser image, ’cause it wasn’t relevant then – but it is now! That’s right, Melly. I just claimed superiority over you. WHAT’RE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT, HUH. That’s what I thought. Can’t do anything while you’re at work, can ya? Huh, huh?

All heckling aside, though, today we have Wild Arms doujinshi for your reading pleasure! =D Gosh, I love Wild Arms. (I’m wibbling) This one’s about Jack and Elmina and it is faaaabulous. Also includes a story about Hanpan, but no one cares about Hanpan, do they? (I Keed. I love that stupid rat.)

Download Wild Arms doujinshi: Re:Wrap

And we’re seven days into the event! What do you guys think about it so far? What do you want to see more of? Send us your thoughts!