The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day seven: Rui Rui Teinyu 5

Rui Rui Teinyu 5
Series: Slayers
Author: Rui Rui Kikaku/Araizumi Rui

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m too sleepy to articulate any further well-wishes than that, but there you are anyway.

If you’ve read the rest of the Teinyu series, you’ll know what five’s about. One part manga (haahahahahahaha), other part Charagumin ads and other assorted sketches. By-the-by, the opening animation sequence that Araizumi references here is for the Book Walker interview show he and Kanzaka did, what, was it early 2012 or ’13? I can’t remember. Anyway, that was the intro piece.

This book was edited by Tom the Mighty, translated and typeset by yours truly, and scanned by Melfra. Between me and you, guys… I’m terrified for 6. (And 7 just came out! Gotta start putting money away for that one, derp.) Anywho, enjoy!

The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day four: Red

Series: Slayers
Author: Ikasama Kouboh

As pathetic as it sounds, it took longer to write up the summary for this story than it took to actually post it. Hey, some things defy truncation. Anywho, this book is set generally around the events of volume 15 of the novel series (if you’re not at least familiar with what happens, you might want to fix that), mainly focusing on gag the first half, and a Luke-centric story about him and Millena in the second. Man, I love novel-based doujinshi.
Edited by Tom the Mighty, translated and typeset by yours truly, and scanned by Melfra. Go forth and read!

The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day one: Love Destroyer

There is an ancient, time-honored tradition here at Turtle Paradise where, after a lengthy hiatus during the entirety of November and most of December, we decide to pretend we’re alive before fading into semi-obscurity sometime mid-January after we’ve completely burned ourselves out in a caffeine-fueled, poorly-thought-out spree of releases that cater to a select few, while alienating our existing fan(?)base by putting out nearly nothing related to our ongoing series before fizzling out somewhere around the midway point.(?)

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’re catching us on the upswing of things. We won’t be dead to the world for another two weeks! So stick with us while it lasts, and join us for the Twelve Days of Doujinshi! To start us off, we’re bringing you one of my favorites from a series near and dear to all of our hearts. Prepare to get your hearts broken by LOVE DESTROYER.

Love Destroyer
Series: Slayers
Author: Shinsinden

Edited by Tom the Mighty (AS ALWAYS), typeset and translated by yours truly, and scanned + QC’d by Melfra. (THANK GOD SHE DID. SO MANY ERRORS.)

Twelve Days of Doujinshi, days 10+11: HAHA I ADHERE TO NO TIME SCHEDULE


Rui Rui Teinyu 3
Series: Slayers
Author: Araizumi Rui

Rui Rui Teinyu 4
Series: Slayers
Author: Araizumi Rui

Both doujinshi were edited by Tom the Mighty, scanned by Melfra, and translated + typeset by yours truly. OH BOY, OH BOY!!!!!!!! I’d say enjoy, but 4’s the one worth reading. Jeepers, now I want to play that game, ugh.

SO TOMORROW or the next day or the day after that we’ll wrap this up posthumously with another Slayers doujin not by Araizumi, THANK GOD. I don’t remember the name of the circle, (I think it’s Shisinden?) but it’s BADASS, and it’s called Love Destroyer. LOOK FORWARD TO IT! Or not, idk. Normal releases resume next week! AWWW YEAH

Twelve Days of Doujinshi, Day 6: When in doubt… Wait a minute, haven’t we already done this?

I’m getting a sense of deja vu from that title! Wait a minute, does that mean…? WHY, YES IT DOES! APPARENTLY I LOVE SLAYERS. (Was there ever a doubt?)

Rui Rui Teinyu 2
Series: Slayers
Author: Araizumi Rui

Unlike the first time, this is nearly 25 pages of unadulterated Slayers goodness, including never-before-seen character materials (so he claims, but I swear I have!), plus a couple of… well, I’ll be honest with you. Fish people play a part, and so does their obsession with eggs. Think about that for a moment, if you will.

This doujinshi was edited, once again, by Tom the Mighty, typeset and translated by yours truly, and scanned by Melfra.