The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day six: The F – Agharta (FF7)

The F – Agharta
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Author: Shirow Miwa/M.M.M Works (Gee)

Oh, no! It’s the last post of the year! Good thing we’re making it an AWESOME one. Today’s doujinshi is from an anthology of Shirow Miwa’s Final Fantasy works, specifically 7, 8, and 9, and they are FABULOUS. In every case but one, the stories are all epilogues of the original games (though I suppose it’s different in Agharta’s case, since it’s a comic adaptation of the final battle against Safer Sephiroth). And did I mention it’s awesome?

Anywho. Edited by Tom the Mighty, and Melfra, and translated and typeset in record time by yours truly. Enjoy!

Twelve Days of Doujinshi, Day 5: Dysfunctional Family? COUNT ME IN!

Sometimes I wonder why we don’t do more Final Fantasy VII doujinshi. Then I look at the box I have stashed under my bed chock FULL of the stuff and a sinister grin spreads across my face. Y’all don’t know who you’re dealing with.

OO Life
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Author: Pal (t.P.M.N)

Here’s one you don’t see everyday! A Strife-Lockhart-Wallace family doujinshi. Granted, Barret’s only in for one chapter, but for the rest of the time enjoy nickname gag, stupid misunderstandings, and a certain character’s obsession with a certain brand of underwear; and here’s a hint: it’s orthopedic. (WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY DOUJINSHI ABOUT CLOUD’S SICK OBSESSIONS?!)

This doujinshi was edited by c0de_da1sy with help from Melfra, typeset and translated by yours truly, and scanned by Melfra!

And with that said, have a FABULOUS NEW YEAR, Y’ALL.