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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but the oncoming threat of finals week always prevented me from taking care of it; that is to say, finals week is over and I’ve got no excuse to keep people from hating me anymore! That’s right, as you can assume from the title, we’ll be removing DNAngel from our site starting next week. As we’ve explained numerous times before, we’re not in competition with Tokyopop, and we don’t want any of our releases treated as a substitute for a professional work. So I urge you leeches to stop freeloading and buy volume 12 when it’s released on August 11th! Any requests for download links after the chapters are removed will be deleted, and repeat offenders will eventually be banned.

D•N•Angel Special chapter! (and others)


First things first! I bring to you the only new chapter of DNAngel we’ve had in three months – that’s right, folks, THREE FRIGGIN’ MONTHS, and it’s a BONUS chapter.

But it’s awesome. BEYOND ALL BELIEF. Keeping that in mind, no, there was no new chapter of DNAngel this month… AGAIN! Last month there was, though, so I’m late. WOOPS. XD

Download D.N.Angel – Argentine Special

And while our servers were down, we also released chapter 10 of Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord, so get that if you haven’t already.

Download Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord chapter 10

And that’s it! Sad, right? I know. xD We’re catching up with our releases, though! WOOHOOO. (And this new host seems a lot faster than our old one. @_@ What do you guys think?)

Slayers Revolution chapter 5


The scanner… IS FIXED! And now I attempt to work through a beastly backlog. This is going to take a while, folks, so sit tight. However, I have figured out a somewhat tentative release schedule for the next while, so hit the jump after the download links to see what’s up. (And, woah! We’ve almost hit our fiftieth release! I AM SO STOKED RIGHT NOW.)

As for the Revolution series, chapter six is the end of the Revolution Arc. At that point, the manga will be taking a one-month break (which won’t really apply to you guys, since I’m running so behind ANYWAY XD) before the second arc, Evolution-R (tentative? Manga-wise, at least) starts up. I’ll have more information come next month around the 20th or so.

Download chapter 05 – The Re-Awakened Silver Beast

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D•N•Angel Stage 3 Volume 23

Yeah, she knows. Probably. Er, maybe not….

Finally, after a longer wait than I’d have liked to throw at you guys, the newest chapter of DNAngel is up! Well, look at it this way… at least there won’t be nearly as long of a wait for the next chapter, right? =3 (That’s no excuse, dammit!) By the way, this chapter should wrap up volume 13. Maybe. (Or it could be chapter 1 of volume 14 – who knows?) Either way, enjoy.

Download Stage 3 Volume 23 (Volume 13, chapter 4)

D•N•Angel Stage 3 Volume 22

There are some things you can\'t be too careful about.
Ever have one of those days where you just aren’t sure?

New chapter up for grabs! Sugisaki-sensei makes up for taking last month off by adding in a PRETTY HEFTY plot twist right at the end of this chapter! I almost dropped the magazine when I saw it… And maybe you all will feel the same way.

Download Stage 3 Volume 22 (Volume 13, chapter 3)

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