The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day two: Milk Crown

Milk Crown
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura
Author: Sakura Garden

Day two of the Twelve Days of Doujinshi brings us a Cardcaptor Sakura doujinshi that DOESN’T feature Sakura and Syaoran for once! (I love those two as much as the next person, but you can only take so much of how much they LOVE each other, wow.) All joking aside, have a story about Touya and Sakura and their sometimes unhealthy sibling love for one another. Edited by ZippyZippy, typeset and translated by yours truly, and scanned by Melfra! Enjoy!

(And don’t be afraid to pop in and tell us what you want to see next!)

Twelve Days of Doujinshi, Day 8: Ten year-olds in love

Generally I’m not a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura romance, but even my blackened heart was touched by this one. Until they started throwing around “I LOVE YOU”s. At that point it’s like… Really? You’re ten years old, kid. Lil’ young, don’t you think? Bah, who am I to judge. ON WITH IT!

Attraction of the Heart
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura
Author: Suzuko Sahara (Patisserie)

This doujinshi was brought to you by a joint editing effort by ZippyZippy and yours truly (granted, I only played with the levels lol), scanned by an anonymous donor over at Livejournal (I’m sorry, donor! I seem to have lost your name!), and translated, again, by the one and only moi.

Coming up tomorrow, probably more Slayers! (2013: THE YEAR OF LINA INVERSE)

Day three (of twelve) – Icyhot!

The quality of a CCS doujin is reflected by the amount of blushing contained therein… right?

Going into this post, ignore two points. First, ignore that I am not Reb. Second, ignore that this is the second CCS doujin in a row. Come on, you love it anyway, don’t you? That’s what I thought! Has anyone ever noticed it’s usually Sakura doing all the talking in these doujins?

Download Cardcaptor Sakura Doujinshi: Rakka Ryuusui

Anyway, more Patisserie, with scans (again, I believe) by Tinuleaf @ Livejournal. In this story… Syaoran is worried. THE END!

Day two (of twelve!)- FLUFF.


Now what the hell kind of person would I be if I said you didn’t get any Cardcaptor Sakura doujinshi this year? I’d be a bitch, that’s what I’d be. The fact stands that I already am, but help me out here, I’m trying to build up Karma.

With that said, here! Enjoy a fluffy Sakura/Syaoran (I refuse to believe the pairing swings the other way around) doujinshi about Sakura being… well, “fluffy,” and Syaoran being downright confused about it.

Download Cardcaptor Sakura Doujinshi: Lull

And it’s by Patisserie. Yeah, that’s right. So expect sugar. LOTS OF SUGAR. Also, these scans were generously donated by Tinuleaf @ Livejournal. GIVE THIS PERSON PROPS, YO.

12 Days of Doujinshi Day eight (FINAL) – Cardcaptor Sakura: Christmas Magic

Geeze, Sakura. At least you’re adorable

Welcome to day eight of our twelve days of Christmas doujinshi event, which, while with four days left and two days late, will be the final day of the event. (Sorry, guys! Christmas was busy! You understand, right? =D) Thanks for all the support this year! I’m kind of sad we didn’t make it to twelve days, but at least it’s better than the two days we had last year, right? In any case, we hope you enjoyed!

For today’s doujinshi, we have a sweet (and appropriately themed) Cardcaptor Sakura doujinshi about cutting hair, unrequited love, and… Well, Christmas magic. It’s cute as all get-out (isn’t all CCS doujinshi?), while kind of sad at the same time, but we hope you enjoy it! And with that said, see you next year.

Download Cardcaptor Sakura doujinshi: Christmas Magic