We like our bishounen beat up and covered in blood

At the risk of sounding like a complete and utter deviant, there’s nothing I like more in my shoujo than a heaping helping of bloodied-up bishounen– bonus points if there’s a bespectacled chap in their their midst, but alas, Barajou has failed me so far on this front. Or has it…? I’M LOOKING AT YOU, SCHWARTZ. START DELIVERING, OR I START KICKING.

Barajou no Kiss Punishment 36:

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This chapter has been brought to you by the groovy editing styles of c0de_da1sy, QC’d for max perfection by Melfra and Clov3r, and typeset and translated by the one, the only–! Well, now it’s over-hyped so I’m not going to say. That’s it for volume 8, folks! The story switches direction (and drops its nearly series-spanning focus on just one character, HALLELUJAH) starting next chapter, but I won’t spoil you on the details. (And I’d better not see any of you doing so in the comments below, either! THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY.) By the way, we’ll be putting up the eighth volume download later today– unfortunately the internet connect I’m on right now just can’t handle it, lawl. Also, could still use an editor or two for volume 9 — still looking into abduction theories on the old batch, but I assure you, we’ve stepped up security in the meantime, so your safety is guaranteed!*
*Safety is not be guaranteed.

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Introducing the king of moe

Fangirls, fanboys, and casual readers in-between, lend me your ears! Tonight I impart upon your unready eyes a vision of the ultimate prince of moe! Okay, okay, I might be exaggerating. Lately he’s been more gar than moe tbh, especially with the sequence of stunts he pulled last chapter. Of whom do I speak, you ask? I’ll bet you already know! It’s…!

Barajou no Kiss, Punishment 35: Heart and Mind
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I hereby crown Seiran Asagi the undisputed king of moe. What’s this?! We have a challenger!! It’s none other than… Kaede Higa? Sorry, but you’re just a little awkward. You’re moe, but your shoujo heroine antics cancel you out as the forerunner for the title. It’s okay, bro. You’re still aces in my book.

This chapter! Typeset and translated by yours truly! Edited by c0de_da1sy! And QC’d by Melfra! This chapter continues our recent spree of fabulous extras, and by fabulous extras I mean a spin-off pamphlet begging you for fan input on the series. Although I would be interested on what people come up with for the caption contest… Leave your comments!

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I’ve heard enough about Junketsu. We’ve ALL heard enough about Junketsu. Here on the site, on twitter, IN EMAIL. Look, you guys are starting to make this feel like a job, and I shell out my OWN money (in excess of $100 a month, HEY FEEL FREE TO DONATE TO HELP OFFSET THAT) to do this as is. We know it’s been a long time since we last did anything on the series, and that point is valid. But I think it’s time to back off, because you’re not helping your case; you’re demotivating anyone on the staff even remotely interested in working on it (read: ME). I look at a chapter of Junketsu on my hard drive and try to motivate myself to work on it but I CAN’T, because I think of all the horrible comments we get, all the horrible emails we get, and I think to myself, “Do I really feel like rewarding that kind of behavior?” The short answer of it is no, I don’t. I know there are a lot of you who aren’t so aggressive and downright RUDE about it, and I hope that the people ruining it for everyone else will find it in themselves to step up and apologize. Until we get less pressure on this front, I’m not touching it. Not until I can look at a chapter and not be overcome by the urge to shut the damn site down and go back to working exclusively on doujinshi like we used to.

WELP, GOT THAT OFF MY CHEST. Apologies to anyone not particularly affected by it, or anyone who doesn’t care to hear about it.

Just another day at HOLY HELL IT’S BARAJOU

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FIRST THINGS FIRST: TURTLE PARADISE HAS A TUMBLR. OH MY GOSH. You should, like, totally follow it. (Did I do that right? I think I did that right.)

Most of the time I preface these holy-hell-delay-ridden releases with some sort of apology, but I figure you’re all sick of hearing (reading about?) me sniveling, whimpering, groveling, kissing boots, etc, so instead, all I will say is… Nothing? I mean, I was about to scream, “BLAME MUTSUKI!” to the high heavens (seriously Shouoto, spread the love!), but that seems kind of irrelevant, though it does have a lot to do with why these chapters just drag on and on for me. ENOUGH OF MY WHINING (Try as I might, I just couldn’t avoid it in the end!), ENJOY THE NEWEST CHAPTER OF BARAJOU NO KISS.

Barajou no Kiss Punishment 34 “KNIGHTS”
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This chapter was brought to you by the UNPRECEDENTED TEAMWORK in the editing department by ZippyZippy and Melfra (HEY MELLY SINCE WHEN ARE YOU AN EDITOR), QC’d by Melfra and Clover, and typeset and translated by yours truly. All I will say about this chapter is that it is nothing if not balls to the wall awesome. Also, stick around after the end for a few new extras we packed into the release. (Yep, this’ll be a regular thing.)

Anywho, I was on a site the other day and I happened to see Turtle Paradise mentioned in passing. “It’s great that they’re working on series I like,” this anon said, “But they’re so slow!” What hurts is that they are soooo right. (But hey, it’s not like it’s false advertising? We’re called Turtles for a reason!) That said, though, I feel motivated through shame to pump up our releases a bit. That’s all, really. Join the staff if you’re interested in helping out, eh? (Even though most of the delays fall directly under the ‘IT’S ALL REB’S FAULT’ column, lol)


Breakin’ the Bank

If somebody came up and asked me, “Reb, what the flying fark are you doing awake this early in the morning?” you know, I have no flippin’ idea what I’d say. I mean, sure I dropped in the sack at about, oh, 11 last night, slept for a few hours, and then got up to study for a test I have at noon today (bitch yeah, THIS IS WHAT COLLEGE DOES TO YOU), but it turns out it’s going to be one hell of a cake-walk, and so now I’m left with absolutely no idea how I’m going to blow the eight hours I have left before I trot my merry ass to the local division of Bank Robbers of America, but luckily for you guys, I feel like being productive. And by golly, I usually hate being productive.

Short of it is, I have something that you want. What’s that, you ask? Barajou. Barajou no goddamn Kiss. Y’all are lucky I love you. And y’all are lucky Tenjoh’s such a goddamn glorious bastard. Y’all can have your pretty men, I want my thinly-veiled PSYCHOPATHS. (Okay, so maybe “Psychopath” is pushing it. But he’s the closest thing we’ve got since Haruto bailed, dammit.) Also, I ship Tenjoh and Mutsuki. YEAH, YOU HEARD ME.

Barajou no Kiss Punishment 33: Othello
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Edit: Holy shit, ten minutes? Some kinda record. Stay classy, Mangafox. You too, MangaReader.

Why, look who it is! Anis may be pegged on both the gar and moe radars, but Mikage’s got her beat as the queen of moe, if you ask me. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ On second thought, it might be too close to call… Let’s just say Mikage ranks up megas points this chapter.

Come to think of it, I vaguely remember playing Phantasmorgia as a kid. Scary freakin’ shite. Even in retrospect though, I loved the live-action movie scenes… unless people were getting their shit farked up, in which case oh boy nightmare city FOREVER. When you’re eleven, YOU HAVE NO REALITY FILTER. But that’s neither here nor there. GO READ YOUR CHAPTER.

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There’s a flashback portion near the end of this chapter (You’ll know it when you see it) that was my absolute favorite EVER to translate. STAFF ROLL CALL! At the helm with her flighty fingers of photo finickry is c0de_da1sy! And with Melfra and Clov3r at the QC stations, they’re gunnin’ down script snafoos like Luke Skywalker on desert wombats back home in his T-16. (Disclaimer: MAN I DON’T EVEN KNOW ヽ(‘ー`)ノ)