Only douchebags use the word ostentatious

Anis would never use the word “Ostentatious.” I highly doubt she even knows what it means.


Okay! GIANT WARNING TEXT OUT OF THE WAY, welcome to release day! We’ve got two new chapters of this and that for you to enjoy today, plus an announcement of a new (and probably unexpected, considering how much we’ve ragged on it lately) project we’ll be starting soon, so open those peepers and start paying attention, ’cause we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

First off, following up last week’s announcement that we’d be putting a little more emphasis on catching up with the series, a new chapter of Barajou no Kiss! Anis only continues to demonstrate how much of a loveable idiot she is, with a dash of gar here and there. Plus, dare I say it… Character development for one of the Knights!? (Well, it’s leading into it.) This chapter was brought to you by the strong-yet-yielding editing fingers of c0de_da1sy, typeset and translamacated by yours truly, and scanned and QC’d by everyone’s favorite banhammer-wielding megalomaniac, Melfra.

Download Barajou no Kiss ch. 26: I can do it myself!
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Second-up, we (FINALLY, OH GOD) have a new chapter of Wild Arms: Flower Thieves! Looking back on it, I guess we haven’t released a new chapter since late January… Ugghhhh, WHY HAVEN’T YOU PEOPLE BEEN PUTTING MORE PRESSURE ON US FOR THIS? D= I had no idea! Well, moving on, in this chapter Maxi and Guy’s fantastic adventures across Filgaia(TM) continue, and Maxi bitches and moans his way into one heaping mess of trouble after another. Well, maybe not quite, but ’tweren’t bad for a spur-of-the-moment tagline, was it? Editing brought to you in part by Shinigami (from creation to expiration, DEATH IS ALWAYS WATCHING), with typesetting miracles wrought by Zippy’s magical keystrokes, and now you see it–now you don’t! Slight of hand QC and scannitation tricks performed by Melfra the Magestic.

Download Wild Arms:Flower Thieves chapter 8.1: Frame of Mind
Read Wild Arms: Flower Thieves chapter 8.1 – Frame of Mind (part one) Online

And as for our new announcement…

See that art? IT’S SEXY AS HELL!

Effective with the next issue of Aria magazine, we’ll be picking up Junketsu+Kareshi. Yeah, you heard me. The fine folks at Omari’s Sister approached us a couple of days ago asking if we’d take over the series once they formally dropped it, and Melly and I, being the complete and utter Shouoto whores that we are, figured, hell, why not– even if we didn’t like it, that’s some SEXY AS HELL art. Now, now; I hear some of you in the dark recesses of the interbutts whining, “Aw, dammit, now that Turtle Paradise has it, we’ll have to wait MONTHS before they get caught up!” FEAR NOT, LURKERS! Aria Magazine has such kick-ass quality that we’ll be working from the magazine instead of the volume releases, starting with chapter 10 and releasing once a month right on schedule with the Japanese releases. It’s been a while since we at TP did anything like that, so personally, I’m looking forward to that “real-time” feel.


We’re interactive?!

In light of the recent release delays, which are mentioned on the twitter but not the main site, We’ve integrated the feed into our sidebar. Well… I talk about really pointless stuff too, like Anis’ armpits and short things that aren’t worth mentioning here. So feel free to follow us and don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Suspects are still at large. Exercise extreme caution! And energy drinks

November 25, 2010. T-DAY. NEVER FORGET

No, seriously, I’ve eaten so much turkey and visited with so many relatives over the last week I’m either going to go narcoleptic or explode. Or both. Not sure at this point. WE CAN ONLY WAIT!

As for releases this week, we were pretty much inches away from at least three things (I think?) that people have been asking about for a while, so hopefully next week will have better results. In the mean time… happy holidays and enjoy your aviator turkeys!

Change of Plans!


So we’ve been having issues with the Monday, probably because of Reb’s stupid computer. Or lack thereof. Whatever. Anyway, used to be that the weekends were awesome for getting stuff ready for release day, but now that Reb’s only day to get serious work done is Monday (which is kind of obvious considering the pandemic of Tuesday releases), we’re going to switch things up again. Tuesday is now release day!

Come on, you know Tuesdays are awesome anyway. In a meh sort of way. /cough