Day seven (of twelve) – Re:Heated

Kiss my ass, Melly. I’m using it again!

Ignore the fact that I’m re-using a nearly three-month old teaser image, ’cause it wasn’t relevant then – but it is now! That’s right, Melly. I just claimed superiority over you. WHAT’RE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT, HUH. That’s what I thought. Can’t do anything while you’re at work, can ya? Huh, huh?

All heckling aside, though, today we have Wild Arms doujinshi for your reading pleasure! =D Gosh, I love Wild Arms. (I’m wibbling) This one’s about Jack and Elmina and it is faaaabulous. Also includes a story about Hanpan, but no one cares about Hanpan, do they? (I Keed. I love that stupid rat.)

Download Wild Arms doujinshi: Re:Wrap

And we’re seven days into the event! What do you guys think about it so far? What do you want to see more of? Send us your thoughts!

Day six (of twelve) – ♥

I knew what you guys’d be staring at from the minute you opened the page, so I went ahead and saved you the trouble. Hohoho.

Moving on to day six! By the way, sorry about the delay in posting yesterday’s doujinshi. (Granted, it was still up before midnight, but still.) I am a horrible procrastinator and have absolutely no excuse. Wait… Was it late? It was kind of late, wasn’t it? OH HELL I DON’T KNOW.

Today we have fluffy FF7 doujinshi – Tifa and Aerith fluff, that is, brought to you only the way Zion can. I… have nothing else to say. Pooh.

Download Final Fantasy VII doujinshi – Happy

(Are you guys getting tired of all this doujinshi yet? =D)

Day five (of twelve) – HORROR

Terror, thy name is Kyoya.

I’m ashamed to admit that I never finished watching the Ouran animu (though I enjoyed the shiat out of what I did see), and I’ve never finished the manga because I never got around to buying a whole ton of it, but everyone else and their brother has, plus this is a fabulous doujinshi, so here we are, and there you go. And when you finish, I have a special corner reserved for each of you in which we can all jointly cower in terror of Kyoya. (It’s a circle all around. How ’bout that.)

Download Ouran High School Host Club dj – Virtual Apocalypse

Leave it to a romance series to have the only straight-up Gen doujinshi to pick from so far this year. What’s up with that?

I’m glad Seinfeld’s over.

Day four (of twelve) – FABULOSITY

You’re next!

You’ll probably find this one shelved somewhere between “bromance” and “fabulous” in one of the greater libraries of the world (lol), but for now, I hold true to my opinion that I have no idea WHAT the hell this book is about. Sure, you have dudes sitting on top of overpasses considering how best to humiliate their peers, but then they start thinking about how far is too far; then you’ve got dudes cleaning their houses so their girlfriends can go shopping; and then you have other dudes who jump off skyscrapers in search of AWESOME cheesecake.

I shit you not, this book is hilarious if only taken out of context. In-context, though, it’s still pretty cool. Now go read it.

Download Detective Conan (doujinshi): Angel Pop

(And don’t be fooled by the shoutalicious cover. I’m convinced that was just a comedy of errors.)

Day three (of twelve) – Icyhot!

The quality of a CCS doujin is reflected by the amount of blushing contained therein… right?

Going into this post, ignore two points. First, ignore that I am not Reb. Second, ignore that this is the second CCS doujin in a row. Come on, you love it anyway, don’t you? That’s what I thought! Has anyone ever noticed it’s usually Sakura doing all the talking in these doujins?

Download Cardcaptor Sakura Doujinshi: Rakka Ryuusui

Anyway, more Patisserie, with scans (again, I believe) by Tinuleaf @ Livejournal. In this story… Syaoran is worried. THE END!