12 Days of Doujinshi Day three – Final Fantasy IX: Strawberry Shake

My feelings towards obscure late 90’s Japanese variety show references.

Uh oh. I know what you were thinking – “Only the third day in and they’re already slacking? Oh, TP!” Tut, tut, tut, ye of little faith! Today was a busy day, and thus the release was delayed! But worry not, we’re still on the third day, and so… Well, gee, that means there isn’t even a problem here, is there? Isn’t that glorious.

Anyway, today’s offering is from Final Fantasy 9, the “crack” Final Fantasy, as I like to call it, (Disclaimer: That’s not what I call it.) featuring all sorts of wacky hijinks from the cast and plenty of 4th wall breakage. Did I mention Tenshin Monogatari likes to throw in all sorts of obscure references to late night Japanese variety shows? Oh well, that’s what translation notes are for, I suppose…. Anywho, enjoy!

Download Final Fantasy IX doujinshi: “Strawberry Shake?

12 Days of Doujinshi day two – Final Fantasy VII: Rain

If you don’t know by now that Melly and I are huge Final Fantasy whores… Well, you haven’t been hanging around here long enough!

Day two of the Twelve Days of Doujinshi! We’re going strong, guys! Maybe this year we’ll see it all the way through, lawl… Ohgodpleasedon’tletmejinxmyself.

Anywho, this is a nice OT3 doujin featuring Sephiroth, Zack, and Aerith from FF7 fame. Come on, how could these three NOT have interacted together at some point in their pasts? Especially Sephiroth and Aerith, but that’s a story for another day. That said, enjoy, and see you tomorrow for the next installment!

Download Final Fantasy VII doujinshi: “Rain”

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12 Days of Doujinshi day one – Slayers: Strahl

It’s finally that time of the year again: The Twelve Days of Doujinshi has made its triumphant comeback! Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “But Reb, you tried this LAST year! Don’t you remember what a dismal failure that was?!” Ohhh yes, I remember. It was painful. But worry not, faithful denizens of TP! This time… we have a STAFF. Heh. Heh. Heh. Oh, and I have a back-log built up, so hey, at least you’ll be getting that. Actually, even I’m not sure if we’ll able to pull it off this year, but hey. I CAN SURE TRY!

On to the doujinshi itself: There were two pages missing from these raws, one of which was pointed out in the story because it created kind of a jarring scene-change (it’s explained in context), and the other page I didn’t even notice was missing until, well… today, so you know the story functions well enough without it. That said, though, I’d love to have those missing pages so we can release a version two at some point, so if anyone ever sees it on ebay or the like, drop us a line! Other than that, it’s an incredible read, and I hope you all enjoy it.

Download Slayers Doujinshi Strahl

What’s “The Twelve days of Doujinshi?”
Fabulous question! For the next 12 days, all the way up until December 25th, we’ll be releasing a doujinshi a day to celebrate the holiday season. Now, these won’t just be from ONE series – we have some Final Fantasy 7 and 9 doujins, Slayers (of course!), Gundam Wing (VINTAGE!), and a whole lot more where that comes from. To be honest… it’s just a lot of stuff we’re into. =3 That said, keep your eyes peeled, and stay tuned, ’cause there’s a lot more where that came from! Normal releases will continue as scheduled… Oh wait. WE HAVE NO SCHEDULE!