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November 25, 2010. T-DAY. NEVER FORGET

No, seriously, I’ve eaten so much turkey and visited with so many relatives over the last week I’m either going to go narcoleptic or explode. Or both. Not sure at this point. WE CAN ONLY WAIT!

As for releases this week, we were pretty much inches away from at least three things (I think?) that people have been asking about for a while, so hopefully next week will have better results. In the mean time… happy holidays and enjoy your aviator turkeys!

Barajou c20 version 2

I was in the middle of a date with a slim jim and a Grand Am this evening when Reb gave me a desperate phone call. “Mel,” she said. “I screwed up. Bad. Fix it, or the fangirls kill my dog =(”

Seeing as her dog happens to be my dog, I could do nothing but comply! So here’s a version 2 of the latest chapter of Barajou, missing bubbles recovered. Don’t get uppity about the typesetting; I had to fix it myself, and if I were any good at this… well, I’d be typesetting!

Here’s the corrected page, but you can also download the corrected chapter if that sits with you better. ’tis a must for Kaede x Anis fans. Enjoy! Now give me back my dog, dammit!

Change of Plans!


So we’ve been having issues with the Monday, probably because of Reb’s stupid computer. Or lack thereof. Whatever. Anyway, used to be that the weekends were awesome for getting stuff ready for release day, but now that Reb’s only day to get serious work done is Monday (which is kind of obvious considering the pandemic of Tuesday releases), we’re going to switch things up again. Tuesday is now release day!

Come on, you know Tuesdays are awesome anyway. In a meh sort of way. /cough

Birdcage Manor and Omamori: Chapter 7 double-whammy!

The girl’s got good intentions, but someone, please, let her know she’s doing it wrong!

There’s not much these days that I hate more than a late release, but oh man, this week. Lucky sevens my ass! Reb’s computer is now a s’more, and I’ve got my computer on the operation table (i.e., my desk) acting as her hard drive’s reverse life support, sucking the juice out of it because ;lakfdj. Hopefully productivity won’t go down the hole because of this, but I’m not making any promises. I mean, we’re sharing a computer for now (new computer? On this budget?! HAHAHA, NO) and I sure as hell can’t scan while she’s translating! Oh well, forget about that now- it’s (a kind of late if we’re going EST) release time!

In this week’s installment of Birdcage! Answers? What the hell is exposition doing in my story about naked chicks and whores?!
Download Chapter 7 and wallow in despair!
Or just read Chapter 7 online! (and continue wallowing!)

Later, in Omamori chapter 7, we have… Mimori straightening out his priorities! Does anyone read this for the story?!
Stop being so self-centered and download Chapter 7 here!
Or get your reality check online!

Comments are super appreciated this time around since Reb’s been in a total “Hurrrr ;_;” mood since her laptop fried. And, uh, it’d do me a bit of good if she stopped wandering around in a funk, too ¯\(°_o)/¯

New Poll Time!

Last poll, we asked what types of “comics” (for lack of a better universal word; well, maybe graphic novel would work but ;lsdfj) you liked reading. Of the participating voters, 35% said they read a mix (I still don’t even know what I meant by that, lol), 30% read manhwa or manhua, while only 28% stick exclusively to manga. Brining up the rear, 7% of voters claim to read NA comics and graphic novels. You guys should go read Fables. It’s awesome.

And with those results posted, it’s time for the next poll! I’m maintaining the status quo by posting crap no one cares about, gais. But it being a Monday, it’s fairly relevant.

[poll id=21]

If anybody has any poll suggestions, pitch ’em at me with a comment or PM, I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

Worry not, the Monday releases will be coming later today. LOOK FORWARD TO IT!
Also, for the last time: Do not ask when new chapters are coming out! We release chapters as soon as they’re done. If it’s not out, it’s not finished. THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE, PPL. Going to ignore everyone else asking this now, kbye