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Let’s do a quick recap to get everyone up to speed!

Welcome, one and all, to Turtle Paradise Scanlations! I’m your negligent fearless leader, Rebmastu. We’ve been in business for longer than I’d care to admit, and on hiatus for roughly a quarter of the time. Oops. Let’s not discuss the specifics of such, but suffice it to say none of us are dead (that I know of), but real life has a way of derailing the things we love to do, etc, etc.

The nature of scanlation has changed quite a lot in the time since we went on hiatus nearly two years ago. These days, if there’s a series in Japan with a decent amount of traction it’s more likely than NOT for a series not to be available in English. My, how the times have changed! With that said, we intend to shift our focus to series that are less likely to see an official English release: One-shots, out-of-print series, and things of that nature.

Here are the series that we, of course, plan to continue!
Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Stories (LIKE THERE WAS ANY OTHER QUESTION LOL), Tsukuroiya, Mebius Gear, etc. We have a handful of other series that we hope to announce sooner rather than later as well!

Junketsu Kareshi/He’s my Only Boyfriend (lol) by Aya Shouoto is being published with an absolutely SPLENDID translation in English Markets by Yen Press! You can purchase it easily at Amazon or any other retailer near you. They’re doing a much better job than we ever did, I assure you. =3

And that will do for our updates! A disclaimer, first: We’re all working adults. We’ll continue doing this out of love, but our release rate will likely be much slower than it used to be, alas (any Slayers fans remember a new chapter of Aqua Lord almost every day? lollll), but we’re still, as always, turtling on.

We’ll see you soon!

The Turtles

PS: I will never NOT be verbose. Lol

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Well it’s been almost a year…any progress?


You still have some fans cheering you on! <3


“insert sad puppy pic”