The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day three: Strawberry Lunch 4

Strawberry Lunch 4
Series: Full Moon wo Sagashite, Ginyuu Meika, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Author: Strawberry Lunch

If there’s one thing that rivals my love for Slayers, it might be my love for nearly anything by Arina Tanemura (sue me), especially if it’s related to Ginyuu Meika. (It’ great. Go read Full Moon and tell me it’s not great.) Still, two shoujo doujinshi in two days? Good god that’s a frightening coincidence. I think it’s time to churn out some hot-blooded Shirow Miwa action tomorrow. OOPS AM I GIVING AWAY OUR GAME PLAN? (Oh, who am I kidding. Since when do we stick to a game plan?)

At any rate, this doujinshi was edited by Melfra and Zippy, translated and typeset by yours truly, and QC’d by… Approximately no one but myself. Good lord. Let me know if there are any errors so I can cry about it when I go to sleep tonight and burn rubber trying to fix it before work tomorrow. HAH.

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