Punctuality is overrated

Apologies first and foremost to any Barajou fans who happen to follow our twitter/tumblr– we announced that we’d have a new release the day before yesterday, but things have a way of not panning out when you announce them in advance because Nature is a troll and takes joy in our sorrow. Screw you, Nature. Asshole.

So let’s talk about TODAY’S release! This one is a little different from the norm, in that it’s not actually an official release. It’s confusing. Let me explain.

First, it’s Barajou-related! Awesome! With only one chapter of the main story plus two little side-stories left to go, we’re nearing the conclusion of what I feel no shame in admitting is one of my favorite series. That said, there’s a TON of bonus material available that has never surfaced on the internet — extra comics from the magazines, exclusive promotional material from Asuka magazine’s partner shops, etc, mostly because they were very strictly goods that you could only get in Japan. It’s lucky for you guys that Melly and I are the biggest Barajou fans who ever lived, because we’ve got most of it, AND HERE WE ARE TO SHARE. It’s not very long, and certainly not all-inclusive (VERY close, though!), but this was the best way we could think of to (preemptively) send off the series, so have an early parting gift from us to every Turtle that’s stuck with us from the beginning. Thank you all for putting up with our crap attitudes (or mine, at least lol), our hiatuses, and our shameless fangirling. I think it goes without saying that this is not a normal release, so please do not upload it to any of the manga reader sites. I know it will inevitably find its way up there for whatever reason (likely within seconds of my posting it), but do us a solid and stoke a tiny ember of rage inside your hearts on our behalf once it does, and know that a fiery furnace blazes inside ours in turn.

Barajou no Kiss Drama Reports & Others
[Download | Read Online]

Massive thanks to Melly for putting up with my crap last night when I kept saying, “Hey, let’s scan in THIS!” over and over again. Because of her hard work, this is an 18-page release instead of the original 4. <3 All pages were edited and scanned by Melfra, and yours truly handled the typesetting and translations, where needed. Enjoy! Oh, and you'll find some oversized notebook scans in there as well-- just in case you'd like to print out your own Barajou-themed stationery! That said, there's a more pathetic side to this story. We'd love to have released an actual chapter of... Something or other for this release, but alas. We have no editors. The last chapter of Barajou plus her side stories are just sitting there... Untouched. Because no one will take the editor tests! We're certainly in need of the help-- between completing some of our longer-running series and others being licensed (Looking at you, JunKare! Don't forget to get your preorders in!), we're in a position where we could potentially take on more projects, but our limited staff is making that difficult. So if you're interested and have the skillz, hop by the forum and take a stab at the test! Also, we pay for all of our costs out of pocket-- books to scan, extra materials to procure, and site hosting, of course, so please consider donating if you enjoy our translations/series. ^^ Five bucks could buy a good-sized drink at Starbuck's, so skip out on one this year and float that fiver our way, eh? =D (And even if this is one of our smallest releases, it's also one of the most expensive! All of the individual components, the booklets, and the mini-fliers all had to be ordered through Yahoo Auctions with a deputy service. That comes out to over $25 a page! Let no one question our dedication to The Cause.)




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