Crawling back the way turtles do

Welcome back to Turtle Paradise! Ironically, our first release after our revival is the same as our last release before our hiatus. (Well, Awai no Mori notwithstanding. We’ll get to that later, though.) First off, Barajou! BABY, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH.

Barajou no Kiss Punishment 37:
“The Secret Garden?

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A few quick announcements, which I’ll keep brief here in the interest of letting you guys get to the good stuff without being bogged down by information overload– firstly, we’re back! Hurray! We, ah, originally had quite a few releases planned for today, but I was hell-bent and determined to release something on Monday, and our east-coast friends will surely note that I’m cutting it a little close. Woops! But we’re moving back to a Monday release schedule, so check back in next week for even more of the stuff you know and love, and maybe even a few things you might have forgotten. Also, oneshots are now on the reader, so go check those out if you haven’t already!

As for why the hiatus, well… Shite hit the fan for me November of last year (it always hits around November, doesn’t it?), and without going into the gory details, I had to take a sabbatical to take care of my mother, and I found that my mood was affecting my translations and the quality of our work in a bad way, so I decided to take a break until I was sure I could separate the two. I tried to ease myself into the process for this year’s Twelve Days event and that, uh… almost worked, but not quite. So fast-forward four months and here we are, hopefully refreshed enough to take on the challenges of scanlating once again. To anyone who’s applied for a position in the meantime and I callously ignored, please accept my apologies. Like I said, I disappeared from basically everything but Twitter and Tumblr.

And that’s enough of that, I think! Look forward to a mega-release next week to make up for the spartan quality of this one. For the moment, we’re looking at Mebius Gear, Junketsu Kareshi, a visit from an old series, and a handful of one shots, SO GET PUMPED, Y’ALL. WE’RE CELEBRATING IN STYLE.

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Welcome back!!


Welcome back and thanks you guys!


Welcome back!Thanks for the chapter! ^^ was waiting for it!!!


Welcome back!

fried rice

Welcome back! I hope things are going okay for you! And thank you very much for the release!


Welcome back, and thank you for the release!


It’s great to see a new TP release! :D


So glad to have you back guys! ;_;


My turtles liiiiiveeee! -clings and never lets go-


YEEEAAAHHH! This is awesome! Thank you so much for the release!


Thank you(the entire Turtle Paradise staff) SO MUCH for setting aside time of your busy lives into working on something difficult for all to share. I know how it is hard to focus on other things when a close family member or friend needs help. Rebmatsu, I pray that your mother is well.


I’m so glad you guys are back! You’ve been missed! I’m sorry to hear (read?) about your family situation, I really hope that things have gotten better! :D Thank you for the scanlation!


Thank you so much!! I’m glad you were able to figure out how to separate things. So sorry to hear about your mother :(

Your work as a group is amazing as always! Thanks so much for the release!!


Hoooooooooooooly Cooooooow…

So glad that Turtle Paradise is still alive.
Sorry to hear that your mother wasn’t well, but hope that things are better now.

Thanks as always for the super quality releases.



Welcome back :)


w00t! More Barajou! Welcome back and hope things go better for you now!


I’m so glad you guys are back! I discovered you through Barajou no Kiss, and was dismayed when I found out that you were on hiatus without having completed the series. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I can imagine you must be crazy busy, but I hope you know all your hard work is appreciated :)


Wohoooooo! Welcome Back! ♫


Oh, lol sorry. Seems like the news didn’t load correctly that day and this showed up on top.
Happy about the sign of life I simply went ahead to reply instead of checking dates and stuff. xxD