Twelve Days of Doujinshi, Day 4: When in doubt, count on Lina Inverse!

Haha, WOW. Here’s one we’ve been promising, gosh, for at least two years! I literally have no idea why it’s taken this long to do; mostly I’m just a lazy farker, but you know.

Rui Rui Teinyu
Series: Slayers
Author: Araizumi Rui

And if you enjoy this one, THERE’S FOUR MORE (!!!) WHERE THAT CAME FROM. (Maybe we’ll get to them in short order; maybe not. Melly’s already scanned them in!) Anywho, please give a GREAT BIG ROUND OF APPLE SAUCE (you heard me) to ZippyZippy for typesetting, Tom the Mighty for editing, and Melfra for scanning. Translation by yours truly as always, but don’t you dare give me applesauce; I hate that stuff.

Tomorrow…! Actually, I haven’t decided what we’re releasing tomorrow. IT’S A SURPRISE, THEN!



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