Twelve Days of Doujinshi, Day 3: ALL MY TEARS

Let’s pretend I posted this before midnight so it still counts as being on time, a’right? I couldn’t take the sham if I derped up so early in the game. LET’S KEEP ‘ER ROLLIN’! (And comments would help, too! Tell me what you guys are interested in, dammit!)

Go Die

Series: Wild ARMS 4
Author: Senkan

I can’t even guess why I love Senkan the way I do– but no one does Wild Arms quite the same way, and I eat up her stuff like there’s no tomorrow. Anywho, there are MAJOR spoilers for the end of the game, so keep that in mind when you think about downloading. This book was brought to you by the editing AND typesetting stylings of ZippyZippy, scanned by Melfra, and translated by yours truly. Enjoy!

Tomorrow, Slayers! (HURRAY)

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