Status Update!

Greetings, friends and fellow readers! We’re not dead! (Yet, but we’re working on it. Give it time.)

Alas, the cause for our delay is none other than the seasonal menace of… finals. (And school in general, but doesn’t the former sound so much more imposing?) Long-time followers of the Turtle Brigade will recall that more often than not we usually go on an unofficial hiatus for the month of November for that very reason, which is why, regrettably, I haven’t had any time to translate, which, uh, ‘translates’ into delayed releases for the group. I feel pretty bad about it, but eh, what can you do? Though to the left, you’ll see what I’m trying desperately to work on right now. Shut up, Tom, I love my Blazing Joe and none of your shoujo-hating drivel will convince me otherwise!

That said, we hope to resume activity by mid-December just in time for THE TWELVE DAYS OF DOUJINSHI, 2012! Woo-hoo! (So if you’ve got some doujinshi lying around that you think we might be interested in, drop by the forum and share! We’ve got a lot planned for this year, but don’t think for a second we’ll turn down a few more quality pieces.)

That said, see you in a week or two!
Much love,
The Turtles

P.S.: For those interested in following my translation/commission blog, stop by Ruby Eye Translations, formerly known as Turtle Translations. It’s not quite as active as I’d like, but there should be something new posted soon!


3 thoughts on “Status Update!

  1. rebmastu says:

    You said you’re not dead… but that was almost a month ago now. Is everything okay? >_<"

    It’s only been two and a half weeks. =3 It takes time to get back in The Groove!

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